Going for Gold @glasgow2014

Kelvingrove Art Gallery

Sometimes for my day job I get to do exciting things. Like yesterday when I was lucky enough to attend the unveiling of the medals for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this summer.

The venue was Kelvingrove Art Gallery and along with the media, dignitaries, representatives from the various sports federations and armed forced – they will play a part at each medal ceremony – I took my seat while a string ensemble struck up a rousing tune.

We listened to a very eloquent Iwan Thomas with contributions from Allan Wells and Lord Smith of Kelvin as well as watching videos all the while itching to get the first glimpse of the medals.

The time finally came with some amazing circus acrobats who shimmied up and down banners and flipped along the floor. Getting to the stage they unveiled the medals which are beautiful.

Medal bearers on stageAs Lord Smith said the medal ceremony will “showcase Scotland’s design”. I have to admit I didn’t like the look of the medal bearer’s dresses when I saw the official pictures. However, in the flesh they work well & are pretty special. Made of silk which was printed with a tartan design at Glasgow School of Art’s Centre for Textile Design they look easy to wear and have a beautiful Harris Tweed sash round the waist.


The podiums and medal trays are made from fallen wood from Linn Park, Glasgow and lovingly crafted by Galgael who also helped create the Commonwealth Baton. If you look closely at the photo above you’ll see that the gold podium is suspended between the other two and doesn’t sit on the ground. Neat!

gold medal

The medals are simply beautiful. Made by jewellers at Glasgow school of Art there was a 15 part process to make each of them and each medal took 3 days to create. If you think there are over 1,000 medals to be awarded you’ll start to understand the dedication this team had in making each one perfect. Under the medal is a tie pin; this allows the medal winner to wear it with pride every day if they want to.

Ok, so enough of my babbling, here are some of my other photos to give you an idea of the day.

1-photo 51-photo 4 (3)1-photo 2 (3)1-photo 5 (2)

Well that’s about it as my phone decided to die on me :-( Now it’s 99 days and counting til the games begin.

Find out more about what’s happening at Glasgow2014 and Culture 2014.

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Stitched Postcard Swap

A while ago I mentioned the Great Stitched Postcard Swap and I thought you might like to see my wee entry.

I was teamed up with Miriam from Australia who seems a lovely person. From her blog (http://createhopeinspire.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1) I could tell she was a creative person as well as a mum & wife.

The theme this year was create and being a mum to two boys I thought I’d go for a feminine look.

I stitched in pretty shades highlighting the pressed flowers and adding words such as joy, fun & love as a reminder of why we create.

As a finishing touch I made a hexagon in Ondian wedding sari silk with a circle cut out on it.

We’ve never met or spoken but I love the postcard she sent me. It has free machine embroidery on it and with a boat on the sea. Love the inscription of create possibilities on it. So me I’m still smiling.

Just hope she likes mine too ;-)

Social Media Event: #Glory2014 @GlasgowTramway

GloryTonight I finally got to see Glory at Tramway, Glasgow and boy was it worth the wait.

Glory is part of the Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme which compliments the Commonwealth Games; the starting point for Janice Parker’s choreography. She decided not to hold any auditions which I think has helped with the diversity of performers. All have personal connections to the commonwealth but from age to ability, size to previous performance experience they were as diverse as, well, the athletes who will perform this summer.

1-DSC_0862One of the fab things about social media events is you get up close to the sets and I really love the simplicity of Richard Layzell’s designs. The movable pieces are integral to the story as Janice Parker and the performers answer the question what would a performers – rather than athletes – village be like? What rituals would they perform? How would they inhabit the space?

1-DSC_0878I’m a bit loathe to tell you too much about the actual performance. You are taken on a journey which isn’t as scary as it sounds but rather allows you to feel more part of the whole experience. If you’ve ever wanted to go backstage or get close to a stage set then this is for you.

Yes it is a community affair but don’t think church hall Christmas panto, this is a very slick affair. The performers have helped create the piece under Janice and her team’s careful guidance. They began meeting in January once a week and the result is a very self-assured, powerful and uplifting dance.

1-DSC_0882One thing to look out for is the colour of their clothes. I believe the initial idea was they would be gold, silver and bronze but after input by the performers it was changed to gold, red and grey. To them the performance symbolises sunset to sunrise and new beginnings. That’s something I can relate to.


Glory is on at Tramway until Monday 10th March 2014 & there’s a 2.30pm matinee on Saturday. Tickets are priced at £12/£8/£6.

Now go book your tickets! I’m going back on Saturday evening & am already smiling at the thought.

Stitched postcard swap


This is another “how did I not know about this?” moment.

When flicking through Facebook I came across an entry by Coats Crafts UK about the 7th stitched postcard swap and it caught my interest.

It’s an international swap and the main rules are to keep the size to postcard size, use the theme create and there must be some form of stitching on it. If you want to be entered into the giveaway then (before posting your postcard) photograph it and upload to their FB page.

All the information and links you need is here —> http://dowhatyouloveforlife.com/swap/. Registration ends on 25th February 2014.

Last year I took part in a postcard exhibition which was fun, especially trying to keep it to that size.


Social Media Event for Glory at Tramway


Looking forward to taking part in this event. Will blog about ;-)

Originally posted on Glasgow Craft Mafia:


Do you blog, tweet, Instagram or photograph arts events in Glasgow? If so the social media launch of Glory at Tramway on 4th March is a must for you.

Glory is a performance which is part of the Commonwealth Games culture programme and we’re pretty excited about it.

The event on 4th March is a chance for bloggers, etc to find out more about the performance as there will be a discussion with Janice Parker and her long-term collaborator, visual artist and designer, Richard Layzell. Afterwards stay and watch the performance whilst taking some photographs then write your blog to tell EVERYONE about the forthcoming public performances.

The social media launch is free however you will need to register your place with Eventbrite as spaces are limited.

See you there!

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