Granny Squares for a special #yarnbomb

Finally getting all my granny squares and knitting together for Scattercraft’s yarn bombing around Hampden Park, Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games. If you’d like to donate some knitting or crochet please contact

PS they are also looking for some lovely people to help install the work on the 21st & 22nd July.20140628-092606-33966067.jpg




I wish…

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I enjoy embroidery for embroidery’s sake but sometimes I’ve used it to express my political (with a small “p”) feelings. So I was really pleased to find out more about a movement called craftivism. I’ve been reading about this slow, … Continue reading


Olympus om10

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If you’ve seen my Flickr page (link just over on the right if you’ve not noticed) you’ll know that I like my photography, especially lomography. Lomography is the buzz word for the old-fashioned taking photos with film as opposed to … Continue reading


Embroidered label

I finally got round to asking for a locker at work & needed a label. Well, why just use a sticky label when I can get my needle & thread out?

Knitted Lace Christening Shawl


Words fail me at how beautiful this shawl is. A wonderful family heirloom.

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Knitted Lace Christening Shawl

This took two months to knit and it was a total pleasure to make. It was made for a baby’s christening and his grandmother wanted the shawl to include a traditional ‘oak leaf’ lace motif. She sent me an image of the motif, so all I had to do was draft it out on graph paper as it didn’t quite match any of the designs in my pattern library, then get knitting! It’s surprisingly hard to find lace motifs based on deciduous trees, possibly because of the popularity of Shetland knitting (not many oaks on Shetland!). I was thrilled to discover a new design called ‘Boscobel’ by Michaela Moores (published by and adapted it for this shawl

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Bracelet making with Glasgow Bead Box

I’m a bit of a magpie and love shiny shiny beads. So thought I’d give a jewellery workshop a go.

Glasgow Bead Box have started running workshops from the uber cute Cushion & Cake and I was lucky enough to get a space on their loops and links workshop.

I had so much fun and enjoyed Addison’s relaxed (patient) teaching style. We were itching to get stuck in to the beads and spent as much time deciding on which beads to use as we did making them.


Once i got the hang of using the different pliers – I think I enjoyed snipping the metal a bit too much – and making loops with them for the first time I managed to make two different styles of bracelets. One where the beads all link together and the other where they hang down and jangle every time I move my wrist.


Sorry folks but I’m keeping these and I’m very tempted by next weeks class. I also believe resin workshops are on the cards.

If you want more info please head to Glasgow Bead Box’s Facebook page or website.

Vintage is BACK @merchcityfest


Last year Glasgow’s Merchant City Festival was joined by Vintage which is Wayne and Gerardine Hemmingway’s beautiful baby. We had a weekend of northern soul dancing, the chance to get our hair & make up done in 50s bouffants and rake around some of the best market stalls around.

This summer they’re back!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch and hear Wayne Hemmingway talk enthusiastically about the weekend last year.

This year they’re expanding and as well as using the Old Fruitmarket they’ll also be in Merchant Square, Bell Street and Wild Cabaret. This should allow for a more tailored experience.

So while the Charleston Brunch, Torch Club and Soul Casino stay at The Old Fruitmarket the likes of Let It Rock and Devils Music move to Wild Cabaret.


I love that the market will now be in Bell Street and there’ll be a dance course as well as courses on how to create (yes make) you own vintage items.


Get the 26th & 27th July 2014 in your diaries!

You can get more info on Vintage here and tickets can be bought through Glasgow Concert Halls as well as Ticketsoup.



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[gallery type="slideshow" ids="2213,2214,2215,2216"] We are looking for volunteers to knit and craft for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this year which will be installed from Mount Florida Station to Mount Florida Primary School 21 -22 July…

Slow, thoughtful activism


Just over a month ago I joined other curious folk at Cushion & Cake to meet Sarah Corbett to find out more about craftivism.

During the meeting we contemplated what our legacy (or footprint) would be on earth. This was assisted by the CC footprint pack which required us to think of a phrase or quote that meant something to us. We then started to embroider the phrase onto a footprint for us to keep and contemplate on while Sarah explained more about craftivism.

Craftivism is a slow contemplative form of activism. There’s no shouting or banging of drums but rather while you stitch your mini protest banner or Don’t Blow It hankie for your MP you have space to think about your cause. When you’re finished photograph it, blog about it and start spreading the word. Who knows how many people will stop, look and think about the mini protest banner you put up in a public place.

Don’t get me wrong I believe that marches and demonstrations can create change too but this allows the individual to have an impact too.

I chose a quote I found on a gravestone that resonates with me

as measured rolls of set music we march to the grave in quick and slow step.

It might not seem cheery at first however it reminds me not to judge others and that I can still make my voice heard along with those whose voices have been muffled.


Some of us have subsequently met up to finish our footprints and have some interesting plans to take it forward…but that’s for a future post:-)


Here are some useful links to find out about this growing movement:
What is craftivism?
Craftivist Collective
How to host your own stitch in

Going for Gold @glasgow2014

Kelvingrove Art Gallery

Sometimes for my day job I get to do exciting things. Like yesterday when I was lucky enough to attend the unveiling of the medals for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this summer.

The venue was Kelvingrove Art Gallery and along with the media, dignitaries, representatives from the various sports federations and armed forced – they will play a part at each medal ceremony – I took my seat while a string ensemble struck up a rousing tune.

We listened to a very eloquent Iwan Thomas with contributions from Allan Wells and Lord Smith of Kelvin as well as watching videos all the while itching to get the first glimpse of the medals.

The time finally came with some amazing circus acrobats who shimmied up and down banners and flipped along the floor. Getting to the stage they unveiled the medals which are beautiful.

Medal bearers on stageAs Lord Smith said the medal ceremony will “showcase Scotland’s design”. I have to admit I didn’t like the look of the medal bearer’s dresses when I saw the official pictures. However, in the flesh they work well & are pretty special. Made of silk which was printed with a tartan design at Glasgow School of Art’s Centre for Textile Design they look easy to wear and have a beautiful Harris Tweed sash round the waist.


The podiums and medal trays are made from fallen wood from Linn Park, Glasgow and lovingly crafted by Galgael who also helped create the Commonwealth Baton. If you look closely at the photo above you’ll see that the gold podium is suspended between the other two and doesn’t sit on the ground. Neat!

gold medal

The medals are simply beautiful. Made by jewellers at Glasgow school of Art there was a 15 part process to make each of them and each medal took 3 days to create. If you think there are over 1,000 medals to be awarded you’ll start to understand the dedication this team had in making each one perfect. Under the medal is a tie pin; this allows the medal winner to wear it with pride every day if they want to.

Ok, so enough of my babbling, here are some of my other photos to give you an idea of the day.

1-photo 51-photo 4 (3)1-photo 2 (3)1-photo 5 (2)

Well that’s about it as my phone decided to die on me :-( Now it’s 99 days and counting til the games begin.

Find out more about what’s happening at Glasgow2014 and Culture 2014.

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