Seeing embroidery everywhere

While I was away on holiday last year I kept seeing embroidery EVERYWHERE.

I only had one fashion exhibition in mind for the trip so it really made me smile to see it sometimes randomly.

As I cut through Somerset House, London I noticed these wonderful embroidered net curtains keeping the passageway cool. They reminded me of visible mending. Unfortunately I couldn’t see a makers name anywhere but I’ll try to find out about them.


 At the V&A I headed straight for the Art Nouveau section and fell for this collar which was crafted in Glasgow around 1900. (It was protected by glass it was hard to photograph.)

They also had a fabulous exhibition of theatre costumes which I geeked out at. Can’t believe some dancers had to wear the heavily beaded ones which must weigh a ton.  

Chickened out of photographing the exhibition I went to as there were too many security guards & alarms kept going off when you go too close to the clothes. Grrr!


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