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a whole lotta cross stitch

I’ve been getting into cross stitch again thanks to the Stitching Out Stigma project.

This included a kit for a friend which reminded her her of being with her two sister and I completed Peter Rabbit though I think he needs something extra round him.



1-IMG_2826 1-IMG_2828

I also found a sweet one I’d made from The Bellwether which I must do something with as it’s crying out to be given a cute wee frame.



Stitching Out Stigma

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  Some posts are easy to write whilst others are very difficult. This is one of the difficult ones as it is about me, my life with depression and a fab cross stitch project set up by a fellow sufferer. … Continue reading

More embroidery on the radio


Insomniacs like me might have already stumbled over this wee gem of a radio series  but if not its worth seeking out Amanda Vickery’s A History of Private Life. It’s on BBC Radio 4 Extra in the UK, each episode is only 15 minutes long and looks at life in people’s homes. Being nosey I find it fascinating, yes even when she reads lists of pots to be mended in an 18th century home.

The episode I thought you’d love is the one on embroidery, cross stitch and tenting and how it not only occupied young women but saved them for awkward silences – in the days before you could stare at a TV screen – and even helped their mental wellbeing.

Here’s a link to the episode called Ornamenting the Home which I believe is available for the next 4 weeks.

Happy listening.

Slow, thoughtful activism


Just over a month ago I joined other curious folk at Cushion & Cake to meet Sarah Corbett to find out more about craftivism.

During the meeting we contemplated what our legacy (or footprint) would be on earth. This was assisted by the CC footprint pack which required us to think of a phrase or quote that meant something to us. We then started to embroider the phrase onto a footprint for us to keep and contemplate on while Sarah explained more about craftivism.

Craftivism is a slow contemplative form of activism. There’s no shouting or banging of drums but rather while you stitch your mini protest banner or Don’t Blow It hankie for your MP you have space to think about your cause. When you’re finished photograph it, blog about it and start spreading the word. Who knows how many people will stop, look and think about the mini protest banner you put up in a public place.

Don’t get me wrong I believe that marches and demonstrations can create change too but this allows the individual to have an impact too.

I chose a quote I found on a gravestone that resonates with me

as measured rolls of set music we march to the grave in quick and slow step.

It might not seem cheery at first however it reminds me not to judge others and that I can still make my voice heard along with those whose voices have been muffled.


Some of us have subsequently met up to finish our footprints and have some interesting plans to take it forward…but that’s for a future post:-)


Here are some useful links to find out about this growing movement:
What is craftivism?
Craftivist Collective
How to host your own stitch in


Stitching Continents: call for submissions

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After years of thinking about creating an event for Scottish Refugee Week I’ve finally taken the plunge. I worked with refugees for 10 years and talked about embroidery with them. I was intrigued by the similarities and differences in this textile work … Continue reading

A Day in the Life: 8th December 2012

Brrr! I know it’s winter but I seem to forget every year! This has been added to by my new-ish job which involved me working in a marquee in Glasgow over December. I must be mad but am enjoying it even though I have so many layers on I look more like a market trader in Eastenders than anything else (spot me all wrapped up in one of my photos).

Well Mooosh let us all know that the newest Dayinthelife date was Saturday 8th December and here’s my entry. As I was working into the evening I thought you might prefer a photoslide of the majority of the day rather than hour by hour.

I had a lazy morning before dragging my camera out to take some shots round town. I’d promised a friend photos of some of the latest streetart in the city centre and although it was a drizzly day it was quite bright. It was then into work where I was able to take a quick break and get some shots of the fair. Home after 11pm and just some time to cross-stitch. I was quite tired so gave up on that and knitted for a bit.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics. I’m not the best photographer in the world but hopefully practice will make perfect…or at least a bit better.

Don’t forget to check with Marceline & Mooosh to read all the other entries.

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Long Live the Queen

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The Viriginia Gallery: Queens exhibition

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queens flyer I’m one excited (& nervous) gal as last weekend I dropped off my piece for an exhibition at the Virginia Gallery(*) in Glasgow’s Merchant City. Ian and Drew, the owners, thought they would celebrate the queen’s jubilee in … Continue reading