Craftivism: #astitchintime for the #livingwage pt.2


Around this time last year Craftivist Collective along with Share Action started a positive campaign asking Marks and Spencer (M&S) to pay their staff the living wage. If you need a wee reminder here’s my blog post about it.

A year on and, although M&S were open to dialogue, they still haven’t implemented it. Throughout the year we have written to board members reminding them of the positive benefits the living wage brings to their staff and the economy. You can read more about these impacts on Living Wage Foundation’s website.

It’s almost time for M&S’s AGM and we’ve not given up. Instead we’ve been sending hand stitched cards to Steve Rowe, their new Chief Executive, and our chosen board member. My board member is Laura Wade-Gery who, although on maternity leave, I’m hoping will attend on 1st June 2016. She hasn’t responded to my previous hankie or card but that doesn’t mean to say they didn’t make her stop and think about why we had spent the time creating them.


When I was last in my local M&S I noticed they had cards with inspirational messages on the front. What could be a better place to start than by quoting their words back to them? I added a list of some of the known 2559 employers who already pay the living wage, a personal message and some embroidered dandelion seeds. In the UK we make a wish on dandelion seeds then blow them away in the hope they come true.


 Fancy helping us achieve this positive change?

It would be wonderful if Steve Rowe received lots of hand stitched cards from M&S customers in support of our campaign and ultimately in support of his staff whom I think deserve to be paid a wage they can live on rather than have to top up with tax credits or a second income. If you need some inspiration Sarah from Craftivist Collective has written this succinct blog post which will give all the information you need. If you don’t have time to stitch a card then a handwritten letter would be fabulous. Here’s his contact details:

Steve Rowe, Chief Executive, Marks and Spencer Group plc, Waterside House, 35 North Wharf Road, London, W2 1NW

If you do join in please share it on social media and feel free to tag @Craftivists and @JuJuDollie (me :-)) as well as tagging @marksandspencer.



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