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Look what i won!

Oh yes I’m a very lucky girl. I know it’s meant to be gloomy Monday but I seem to be bucking the trend. Ignoring my electricity bill I’ve met up with a friend, started work on a new piece, got my free Make Tea Not War mug from Miso Funky, received fabulous heart cello-tape from Magic Alice and then the Tweet I’d won arrived! Phew and it’s not even 4pm!

The other week Feltmeupdesigns ran a giveaway and I came second winning a tweet of my choice! This is the cheeky chappy I chose.

I’ve wanted one of her hand felted birds for a long time but somehow never seemed to have the money to buy one. Now I’ve got one I think he needs a partner but which one up choose..?

I dare you to look at her ETSY and Folksy sites and not fall for them too


shop handmade this Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching and temperatures rising when you go shopping in your local department stores I thought I’d show you some of my recent buys. This time all are from crafters working in the UK but most towns and cities around the world have fairs, markets and even pop-up stores so there is nothing to stop you seeking them out.

Fairs and markets are a lovely way to meet the maker of the items (we enjoy talking esp when it’s about out makes) and most crafters will happily take orders on the day if you want something bespoke. At a recent fair I bought some gorgeous earrings from Sparklypompom ( I’ve had stalls at fairs with Gayle in the past and when she says sparkly she means it!

A lot of crafters have their own websites where you can pick up some lovely bargains and have a look at their blogs to find out what they’re up to along with any competitions they might be running.

I recently bought a funky brooch from Plastic Bat ( which is part of a new range. It’s bright yellow acrylic edging just makes me smile on these cold winter days. Tracy’s work is always fun and just that little bit different.

Last but certainly not least are sites that host lots of shops such as Folksy, MISI and ETSY. Here you can browse away an afternoon and find anything and everything you might possibly just have to have! The items have to be made by the seller and are either bespoke or limited runs. I’ve never had a problem doing this and find the sellers will tell you when they’ve dispatched your item.

copyright Kate Bowles

The two following items I bought are gorgeous.

I stumbled over Kate Bowles shop ( but immediately knew I “needed” one of her hand bound books. The little leather-bound book is tiny, really well crafted and so tactile. I know I can work on a really small-scale but this is amazing.

copyright Gill Pottle

I also have to take my hat off to Gill of Aeris Designs ( who went to college to get her jewellery making kit in all that bad weather just to hammer the silver bangle for me. It’s so light & shiny that I could be tempted to buy some more.

One wee plea is please leave feedback. It’s the main way we know you are happy with the item you got and also lets other buyers see satisfaction levels. Ok I’ll stop the sermon on feedback but I hope you will consider buying handmade (or even local) this Christmas.

With one weekend of shopping left until Christmas have a happy handmade shopping time.


September sale

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Yes it’s time to start thinking about what Christmas goodies you’re going to get your family and friends. Hmmm, and maybe what lovely things you would like for yourself.    I’ve decided to make it a bit easier on your … Continue reading

Hand crafted heaven

In a occassional series I’d like to show you some items I’ve bought from crafters and makers outside of Scotland.

Every month I like to treat myself if money permits and what better than buying something I know has been made with time, patience and of course  lot of love.


When I found this site I immediately had to buy one. The package came in the beautiful but curious Japanese style of packaging called Furoshiki

And then I opened it to find a tiny, ceramic, cat pincushion. I picked a green/cream cat with hand felted tummy which comes on a hemp cord that you can wear round your neck. He’s only a couple of inches long but so perfect.

Buttercup Boutique

I know I make brooches but when I stumbled across this on Folksy I couldn’t resist.

It is so pretty and the detail is amazing. I love the different textures and stitching/beading as well as the colours.

Aeris Designs

I needed some earrings (you know how it is girls) to go with a necklace I have and flicked through Folksy until I found these long lovelies.

They are very delicate and the honeycomb style beadwork is lovely. I enjoy beading but not sure I’ve got the patience to actually do this.

Karen Ruane

I’ve mentioned Karen’s work before and now I’m pleased to say I know own some. I bought a small cushion which I know I’ll never use but keep out the sunlight and enjoy looking at.

The skill that goes into her work is astounding and is only something I can dream about.

And while I was buying this I saw some fun puffs Karen had made. They are only about a centimetre in circumference and covered in french knots. I’m not sure how I’ll use them but when I do I’ll let you know.

hearts for haiti

photographer unknown - from BBC website

 No-one can have failed to be moved by the plight of Haitians and the above photograph summed it up for me. The agony, helplessness but will to go on of the people is astounding.

Like so many others I wasn’t sure how I could help and to be honest I am wary of phoning/texting donations as the service providers take such a large chunk of your proceeds. Through twitter I heard about crafters coming together in ETSY to sell items to help Doctors Without Borders  and decided to donate an item.

Going under the title of Hearts For Haiti there are 757 items for sale (1143 sales) from crafters from all round the world. I have a lovely tartan brooch for sale and am tempted to buy so much.

To date we have raised $13,342.84 after fees which in one week is amazing. Please have a look at as there’s something for every budget there. If you love blogs you can also keep up-to-date with their work on

Thanks for reading.