Wedding ring cushion

At the weekend not only was Glasgow bathed in glorious sunshine but my brother got married.

It was an amazing day, everyone enjoyed themselves and I might have had a wee tear in my eye a couple of times before during and after the ceremony.

The wedding was a team effort from both sides and my contribution was a ring cushion. I was given free reign and, apart from knowing the bridesmaids were in grey, I didn’t know anything else about themes, colours etc so the cushion went through several designs before I committed to one. It was a bit daunting but really enjoyed the process of designing then creating it.

I decided to go for ivory satin for the pillow with a beaded art deco look for the front. For the back I went slightly more arts and crafts with beautiful grey lace, a heart with the date and just their first initials, almost as if they’d carved it in a tree.
I’m really chuffed with how it turned out & think the bride and groom were too.  Here’s a pic of the my nephew with it during the ceremony.



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