London and Paris with my Olympus OM10

As much as I enjoy snapping away with my digital camera and phone I love taking photos with my film cameras. There’s just something magical about not knowing whether or not I’ve managed to capture anything. If I want a sharp “perfect” picture then I tend to use digital however that doesn’t always capture the spirit of the moment.

Recently I was in London and Paris so weighing up the options I took my 1970s Olympus OM10 with me. From the pound shop I picked up some cheap AGFA colour film and hoped for the best. when I returned I took the first roll to Boots and asked them to develop in black & white. The results are quite dreamy complete with scratches (thanks to cheap film).

First up is London. The array of architectural styles always fascinates me and I could wander the streets just looking at buildings but never going in them. 😉


Then came Paris. This was even hotter than London and the sun bleached everything but I like the dreamy effect it has given my photos.


Yes I know these photos aren’t always in focus but the camera is around 35 years old and I was guzzling water like no tomorrow (being Scottish and not used to 40oC in the shade) but well, that’s not the point. I was having fun. Oh and apart from a wee bit of cropping on some of these photos they are as I took them.

If you’re not completely bored feel free to have a look at my Flickr album  (inc digital pics) and indulge in enjoying two wonderful cities.


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