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London and Paris with my Olympus OM10

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As much as I enjoy snapping away with my digital camera and phone I love taking photos with my film cameras. There’s just something magical about not knowing whether or not I’ve managed to capture anything. If I want a … Continue reading


Week 1: #the100dayproject

I thought I’d show you my progress on the 100 day project the I mentioned in my last post. So far I’m enjoying the challenge of creating different circles every day although, as I work irregular hours, it can be … Continue reading


Dumbarton Rock, King Artgal and the Vikings

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After a year of stitching our panel for The Great Tapestry of Scotland it’s finally finished and is being stretched at the HUB before being framed and going on display. It has been a real privilege to work on this … Continue reading

Great Tapestry of Scotland (sneaky peek)

Detail of Artgal's hair

I thought you might like a sneaky look at some of the panels which are being stitched for the Great Tapestry of Scotland.

Some of the stitchers working in and around Glasgow met up with the organisers and artist Andrew Crummy at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. This was to check our progress and order more threads. It also gave me the perfect opportunity to take some sneaky pictures for you.

As you know I’m not the world’s best photographer. Combine this with the low light of a Scottish winter and my photos have not turned out brilliantly however I’m sure you’ll be able to see enough to recognise the amount of time and effort which each stitcher has put into their piece.

Viking furyGlasgow's coat of armsClydeside strikersdetail of final panel

If you’d like to see more photos I’ll keep the Flickr group updated and the GTS team are updating their Facebook page all the time. Until then I’ll leave you with a bit more of Dumbarton Rock and our lovely Artgal.

Artgal & Dumbarton Rock

2012 in review

I’ve a couple of fab projects to share with you next week; both of which you can participate in. Until then the stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for my blog and I thought I’d share it with you.

Thanks to all of you who read and shared my posts last year.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 6,700 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 11 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.


A stitch in time

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Ok my title is poor but I thought I’d look back on 2012 and give a nod to the coming year. I knew 2012 was going to be tough for me in my personal life. I didn’t realise quite how … Continue reading

A little bit of history

Back in August I put a call out for help to embroider a panel of the Great Tapestry of Scotland (you can see the post here). Shortly after that five of us got together and we’ve been stitching ever since.

The whole project is community based and there is scope for more people to get involved as the artist left some spaces for local stories to be added. As the panel my team is stitching depicts Dumbarton Rock I got in touch with The Dumbarton Reporter who have not only published a piece on it but are interested in a follow-up story. Woo hoo!

Will let you know more when I do but until then if you have any information about the history of Dumbarton Rock or surrounding area you think should be included in this pictorial piece of history please get in touch with me.

It will take us until March 2013 to complete our panel and you can keep up to date with our progress by popping into our Flickr group every so often.

Scottish Ballet Autumn Season 2012

When I just “happened” to look at Twitter a couple of weeks ago I noticed Scottish Ballet had put a shout out for social media geeks (my words not theirs) to come to their studios in Glasgow to find out more about their autumn season. Now this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass by and was so excited when they told me to pop along.

This was going to be their first social media event to promote the new season because they are trying to become greener including producing less literature on paper which I have to applaud.

Saturday morning and slightly bleary eyes we were greeted by Ann and Laura who had tea and croissants ready for us. I think they have one of the loveliest backstage I’ve ever seen. Light, airy, a clean kitchen (if you’ve been in green rooms before you know this is a rare treat) and funky sofas; we were all grinning from ear to ear and all we’d had was a warm welcome.

Ann talked us through the three pieces they will perform around Scotland during October 2012 while showing us the costumers the 36 dancers will wear. The outfits are wonderful; slinky, sexy and sparkly. The feel is contemporary allowing the audience to focus on the movement of the dancers and their interpretation of the pieces as directed by Christopher Hampson. We were then treated to a to costume/sewing department. Ok it was a treat for me. Scottish Ballet work with designers from all over the world who specialise in ballet/dance. Later on I got a chance to ask Claire Robertson, Principle Dancer and Owen Thorne, Coryphee if they get a chance to get changes made to their costumes. Seems the male dancers don’t have much of a say but the principle dancers have some sway and their costumes are altered to allow them to move more freely and jewelling repositioned so when being lifted they don’t hurt the hands too much.

It is a triple bill featuring Martin Lawrance’s Run For It which is inspired by Olympic athletes, William Forsythe’s Workwithinwork and Hans van Manen’s 5 Tangos. After the tour of the building we went into the dance studio and given free rein to film, video or make notes on a rehearsal of 5Tangos. I don’t think I’ve seen so much power and grace in a room before. They practiced 4 of the tangos which is an amazing fusion of ballet moves with the intensity of tango. I have to say that it looked perfect to me but Chris Hampson was there to let them know where each dancer went wrong.

What was also interesting to find out was that they rotate the dancers (sorry for the pun) so while say, 6 are rehearsing others can be seen doing the same steps in the background.

I’ll leave you now with a montage of some of my photos (apologies in advance as some of the backstage ones are a bit dark) and if you would like to see all the decent photos I took then please head over to my Flickr page:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tickets for this season are a flat rate of £18/15(*) with some £10 conc tickets available on the evening. For more information on dates and ticket prices please visit Scottish Ballet’s website: Go on…what are you waiting for?

(*) booking fees & some price differences dependant on venue

A Day in the Life: part 3

So the next Day in the Life date was set by Alice of Quaint Living and it was Friday 2nd September. Be sure to check her blog for everyone else’s entries.

So what did I get up to?


I’ll apologise now as this will no doubt be a rambling post. I’ve had a silly (*)tummy bug & headache since Wednesday. It’s stopping me from concentrating which is really annoying as there’s so much I need & want to get on with. Apology over and on with my day.


Was at my day job. I provide housing advice & advocacy to refugees. Luckily none of my clients came in I had to do a lot of advocacy on the phone for them with various government agencies it wasn’t too taxing just frustrating. I’m always amazed at how jobs-worth and inept some people are. Anyway those moans aren’t for this blog.

Lunchtime is a strange one as there aren’t many folk at my work work get a proper lunch. I often just grab a sandwich and go round the block. Working in the old Anderston Bus Station (for those of you old enough to remember it) it isn’t the nicest of walks but it does hold some surprises. If you press your nose to one window (right beside the desks of the Hilton call centre) you can see the abandoned escalators that don’t go anywhere any more…or maybe they do when no-one is around!


Work over for the week. Well if you ignore the fact I’ve got a second job ushering at the Concert Hall & its sister venues and I’ve got a shift this weekend. I’m so excited about getting a shift for PJ Harvey on Sunday [update: too I’ll too work& absolutely gutted]. Please let me be working inside the hall!

Got on the bus before the rain came down. Due the the roadworks for the M74 extension this is quite a long journey and not the most picturesque. I forgot to bring any sewing with me so I just took in the view through the windows that was scratched by someone’s who wanted their name preserved in glass.


Round the corner from my flat there’s a new shop getting ready to open & I’m very excited about it. The name Gold Thimble caught my eye as soon as it appeared and today they have a sign outside looking for a machinist. Ya dancer! I’m going to have a haberdashery & fabric shop on my doorstep! This won’t bode well for my bank balance if it has pretty fabrics but when it opens I’ll let you know more and see if they’ll let me photograph inside.


I was meant to be doing a fair tomorrow but it’s been cancelled – something wrong with the old building. Would normally be gutted about this as as much as they take a lot of preparation I love the actual day but as I’m feeling bleugh it’s a bit of a relief. Also has the bonus I can listen to the Scotland match on the radio (it doesn’t seem to be on council telly & I don’t have or want Sky).

The cancellation of the fair kind of threw me as I’d planned to finish a few pieces & had arranged to give someone a corsage they’d commissioned from me. Still it has meant I’ve been able to prepare some blog posts, finalise Shewin n Bletherin and plan some new pieces.


I also packaged my fish for the Fish Exchange. Will blog about this next week as I think you might like the quirkiness of the project.


Those of you who follow me on Twitter or regularly read this might have noticed I’m also on Blipfoto. This is a site where you take one photo a day & post it with or without any comment you want to make. I enjoy the challenge & love dipping into other people’s blips. Some are amazing photographers while others photograph their daily lives. Then there are folk like me, the random blippers. Today’s blip is completely random as I was taken with the shadows on my ceiling. You can’t get more random than that.


All that sorted I’m now flicking channels trying to find something that grabs my interest. Nothing. Think my cat has got it right & it’s time for bed.


Sorry my day hasn’t been more exciting, blame it on the bug & normal service will resume soon. Promise.

(*) no point going to the GP but the local pharmacist think I’ve got Stomach Flu. As I’ve been in bed all weekend & feel very sorry for myself it sounds plausible.

A day to remember


I love dipping into peoples lives, don’t you? Feels a bit naughty, like reading a personal diary. If you’re like me then you’ll love the “A Day in the Life” series.

Last month Claire from Miso Funky revived “A Day in the Life” where crafty bloggers detailed what they got up to on a specific day. It was really successful and we’ve decided to do it again.

I’ve been chosen to organise the next one and have set the date for Sunday 14th August 2011.

A Sunday might seem strange but us crafters are always on the go and as I’m at the Little Birds Market that day I thought you might like the perspective of a stallholder.

It would be great to have even more people take part this time, so if you blog why not take part. The only rule is you have to blog about whatever you get up to on the 14th. Your entry can take any form – detail every hour, as a photo journal or even make a video. To whet your appetite here is the round up of the last Day in the Life.

Fancy it? To take part please leave a comment with a link to your blog entry on this post. You can also tweet the link to me – I’m @JuJuDollie – and I’ll compile all the entries.

Looking forward to reading about what you get up to on the 14th.