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A Day in the Life: 24th June 2013

I haven’t taken part in Day in the Life for a while so when I noticed today was the next chosen day I thought it only polite to get back on the wagon. So, if you’re feeling a bit nosey here’s what I got up to today.

One of the (few) decent things about working irregular shifts/hours is that I rarely get that Monday feeling. Today I decided was not going to be a work day so no need to set the alarm. My day really started with a trip to The Glad Cafe for tea, toast and a natter with a good friend.

From there I caught a bus up to the West End to take down the work I’d done with some refugee for Refugee Week. Was sad to take it down although  lovely to hear some people came in to Hillhead Library just to see it.

As it was the perfect day for walking – sunny with a cool breeze – I decided to stroll back to the city centre. Did a bit of charity shop rummaging and picked up a fab looking embroidery book which has diagrams (not pictures!) of stitches. Like the look of the embroidery for darning chapter. It was first published in 1936 but this is the 1968 version. Quite dated however the stitches never date.

Had forgotten it was graduation time and stopped to watch the graduates get their official photos taken on the grounds of Glasgow University before heading through Kelvingrove Park. Got my Olloclip out for some close ups.

20130624-194709.jpg20130624-194730.jpg20130624-194745.jpgYes I know they’re blurry but I like to think of them as artistic.



The rest of the afternoon and most of my evening having been pondering different options. Partly it’s because I’m coming up to my redundancy anniversary but mainly it’s because I’ve got itchy, creative feet and have been doing a lot of thinking about how I’d like to channel my skills and experience. The ideas are starting to come together but as my head began to hurt there was only one thing to do…sew!

Today is being curated by Kim so please pop over to her blog for a round up of all our posts.

Day in the Life was started by Mooosh and if you’ll like to take part in the future keep an eye on her blog.


A Day in the Life: 8th December 2012

Brrr! I know it’s winter but I seem to forget every year! This has been added to by my new-ish job which involved me working in a marquee in Glasgow over December. I must be mad but am enjoying it even though I have so many layers on I look more like a market trader in Eastenders than anything else (spot me all wrapped up in one of my photos).

Well Mooosh let us all know that the newest Dayinthelife date was Saturday 8th December and here’s my entry. As I was working into the evening I thought you might prefer a photoslide of the majority of the day rather than hour by hour.

I had a lazy morning before dragging my camera out to take some shots round town. I’d promised a friend photos of some of the latest streetart in the city centre and although it was a drizzly day it was quite bright. It was then into work where I was able to take a quick break and get some shots of the fair. Home after 11pm and just some time to cross-stitch. I was quite tired so gave up on that and knitted for a bit.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics. I’m not the best photographer in the world but hopefully practice will make perfect…or at least a bit better.

Don’t forget to check with Marceline & Mooosh to read all the other entries.

DSC_0591 DSC_0592 DSC_0594 DSC_0605 DSC_0602 DSC_0595 DSC_0599 DSC_0600 DSC_0597 DSC_0607 DSC_0606 DSC_0608 DSC_0610 DSC_0609 DSC_0614 DSC_0613 DSC_0616 DSC_0618 DSC_0612 DSC_0611 DSC_0621 DSC_0623 DSC_0619 DSC_0620 DSC_0625 DSC_0628 DSC_0632 DSC_0635


A Day in the Life: 15 October 2012

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Last week I started a new job (yea) which has meant I’ve taken my eye off a few things. This included checking when the next Day in the Life would be. Luckily I happened to be looking at Mooosh’s blog … Continue reading

A day in the life: 10th September 2012

Oh my! Has it really been a month since I last wrote a post? Tsk tsk! To make up for that how d’u fancy another episode in a Day in the Life series? This entry is for Monday 10th September so let’s see how my day panned out.

Thanks to the joyful whistling and shouting of the binmen as they got about their work I was awake early. To get my brain working I got on with some knitting. I’ve decided to try to make a triangle shawl with a centre seam. Bought this cone from Cat of Wildcat Designs at the Glasgow Craft Mafia destash recently and it’s lovely to work with however as I’m using 2mm needles I had to have frequent stops to stretch my fingers.

The rest of the morning was spent checking emails, Facebook and getting lost on Twitter before organising my embroidery to see which pieces I wanted to work on. I’ve got the beginnings of a collection I have given the working title of Fragments of Women to. Inspired by real women, famous or otherwise the pieces are both fragile but strong.

I’m particularly enjoying working on this piece inspired by Frida Kahlo.

Around lunchtime the peace was shattered by a police helicopter flying really low over my home. With lots of sirens I had to pop out and investigate. Seems a man had jumped over the bridge and started walking along (in) the river. This resulted in a full-scale search and rescue including the police divers. Not sure if he was found but I hope he’s safe. [update: I’ve since heard that he was running away from the police which is why he decided to jump and there was a full-scale search!]

I didn’t think my day could get more exciting until I saw a tweet by Scottish Ballet. They were looking for social media geeks types to get a backstage tour, meet the dancers and watch a rehearsal. As they are based near my home (not that I needed an excuse) I sent them an email to say I’d be interested and I’m now on the list. Yippee! No need to guess what my next blog post will be 🙂

THEN I received an email from Iain at PIC Weddings. He’s a fabulous photographer who has been hunting for someone who to look after the social media side of his business. I’d already met with him and today he confirmed he’d like me to work with them. Now I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t refer you to his Facebook and Twitter pages. Please have a look at them, follow my journey with PIC Weddings and pass it on to any friends who are organising their civil ceremony / wedding.

More embroidery and sneaky looks at the internet ensued as I waited for the Murray match on the radio. Tell me, am I the only one who still loves listening to the radio (more than tv) while making or pottering in my home?

Finishing the day listening to the Andy Murray match while damp stretching a piece I want to finish tomorrow with some smocking. It was all getting too tense with the tennis so it’s back to knitting, just as I started the day.

Ok I know it’s now the 11th but I kept the faith and am now grinning ear to ear due to Andy Murray winning his first grand slam…now wonder what our national football team will do tonight? Hmmm

Night night & sweet dreams.

A Day in the Life is the brainchild of Mooosh and the posts for 10.09.12 is coordinated by Marceline so please keep an eye on her blog for a comprehensive list.

A day in the life: 3rd July 2012

This day in the life comes at a new chapter in my life…unemployment! However I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s a very short chapter. I got these flowers from my colleagues when I left and my flat smells wonderful.


This means I’m still trying to structure my day while revelling in the fact I can MAKE all day. So, here’s my day…

Up early-ish, well 9am and remembered I’d forgotten to switch the heating off at my parent’s house yesterday (sorry folks). So as the rain had stopped I thought I’d walk there and back.






On my way home I did a wee bit of window-shopping in Shawlands and picked up some cheap yarn for the yarnbombing project I’m involved with for the Olympics.

I also couldn’t resist popping in to see Sumeera at Gold Thimble. I know they say you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure but with beautiful stock hidden in the nooks & crannies of her shop how could I resist. Threads bought and a crafty event organised I headed home for lunch.



After a cuppa tea and a quick bite to eat I set about making some parts for the bunting I’m making. How d’u fancy a bunting with balls in them instead of triangles? Or embroidered hankies? Well that’s some of the treats I’m working on.


Evening saw me turn on the computer and start to catch up on some emails, start a job application form, read some bizarre blog posts and write a blog piece for the Glasgow Craft Mafia which will be live soon.

I also ordered some Mountmellick thread for a large textile piece I’m preparing to make. I know I’m known for colour but I love whitework and having been learning some new embroidery stitches specific to Mountmellick.

My neighbour then called me in a wee panic. She’s housebound and her tv had switched off but she couldn’t get to it. So an emergency trip downstairs, tv fixed and a wee chat with her and all’s right with the world.

That put a stop to my flow on the computer so I started crocheting a Columbian flag until I realised I’d no blue wool…tragedy! My day ended with a search of flags with gold in them. Happily now it will become a German flag.


This blog post is part of A Day in the Life series which is co-ordinated by Mooosh. Have a look at her blog to see what everyone else got up to.

A day in the life: 1st February 2012

It’s probably just as well I’m suffering from a frustrating period of creative block as I’m being kept busy in my various jobs.

Up at the usual time for my day job. I was greeted by clear blue skies and a busy schedule.

My morning was spent report writing and in a productive meeting (yes productive meetings do exist!) although in the back of my mind I knew I still had a pile of follow up work from yesterday. So on went the headphones with the soundtrack of my day provided by David Bowie.


As I was going to be working in my other job tonight (more of that later) I got myself a much needed baked potato with tuna and sweetcorn. I was saved however saved from reading the Metro by a colleague who joined me for food and a chat.

My afternoon was spent on duty. This means helping anyone with an emergency say with their housing or welfare benefits. I noticed that there was the beginning of a beautiful sunset so I popped outside to take a quick picture.


There wasn’t much time between my jobs (an hour to be precise) but I did stop to take a few pictures along the route. I know it’s a tad blurry but I love the canopy of lights over Royal Exchange Square.

It was on to my evening job. I work a couple of nights a week ushering at various venues in Glasgow although at this time of year with Celtic Connections it’s pretty crazy. The show I was working for tonight was billed as The Singing Land and included performers from the North East of Scotland.

I could hear some if it however the position I was given was at the main doors greeting folk as they came in the building. It was absolutely baltic so when the show was on I tried to keep moving and took some sneaky pictures of the area I had to stand in.



By the time the audience had left and we’d locked up it was after 11pm . On the plus side I’d acclimatised to the cold so waiting for my taxi home was almost bearable.

As I wasn’t tired enough to go straight to bed I spent some time knitting a cowl. I’m trying to master circular knitting and what better way to do it than by making myself something cosy.

Finally I started to feel sleepy so I headed to bed, put on Radio 4 Extra to listen to the Poirot series as I dosed off. Of course my furry friend was happy to curl up beside me and keep me warm.


This entry is part of a series of entries by various crafty bloggers. If you’d like to see what everyone else was up to on the 1st of February (& I recommend you do) please head over to Nikki Mcwilliam’s blog.


A Day in the Life: 17/11/11

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What a day! Things didn’t bode well when, on my way to work, I had to change bus several times as two buses broke down. Door to door I’m only 3 miles from my main job so I was not … Continue reading

A Day in the Life: 31/10/11

Almost missed this round of A Day in the Life. For those of you who don’t know about it it’s when a various bloggers blog about what they got up to on a specific date and one person collates all the entries. This time that person is Marceline.

So…on to Monday…

For me, Mondays are a bit of a day of rest. Not working my main job means I don’t need to have my alarm on – bliss.

This led to a morning of listening to the radio in my pjs while writing a to do list. It ended up rather a scary, long list and as I started to get on with it a text came through from my dad inviting me for lunch. Well, what was a girl to do?


After lunch we had a dawdle around the shops in Shawlands & I bought a mini set of hair straighteners. Also bought my first Christmas present, get me being organised!

There was no way I could go home before popping into Gold Thimble, my local fabric store. Spent an happy hour in there chatting about fabric and trying not to buy all the trims.


Back home I got ready to post my box for The Curiosity Project. Basically a person co-ordinated boxes of goodies being sent around the world. We don’t know who we’ve received the gifts from or who were sending gifts too until the big reveal. I’ll blog about it once I know everyone has their gifts but here’s a sneak preview of the gifts I posted to my recipient today.


The evening was very chilled, no guisers knocked on my door which is good as I’m a bit of a bah humbug about Halloween. I spent the night on the sofa sewing up some arm warmers and uploading my daily Blipfoto entry. As I’ve got a stall at Shawlands Primary School Fair on Thursday the next few nights will see me busily finishing items for it.


Hope you had a fab Halloween, bobbing for apples and scaring children. Don’t forget to go on Marceline’s blog to read the other entries.


A Day in the Life: part 3

So the next Day in the Life date was set by Alice of Quaint Living and it was Friday 2nd September. Be sure to check her blog for everyone else’s entries.

So what did I get up to?


I’ll apologise now as this will no doubt be a rambling post. I’ve had a silly (*)tummy bug & headache since Wednesday. It’s stopping me from concentrating which is really annoying as there’s so much I need & want to get on with. Apology over and on with my day.


Was at my day job. I provide housing advice & advocacy to refugees. Luckily none of my clients came in I had to do a lot of advocacy on the phone for them with various government agencies it wasn’t too taxing just frustrating. I’m always amazed at how jobs-worth and inept some people are. Anyway those moans aren’t for this blog.

Lunchtime is a strange one as there aren’t many folk at my work work get a proper lunch. I often just grab a sandwich and go round the block. Working in the old Anderston Bus Station (for those of you old enough to remember it) it isn’t the nicest of walks but it does hold some surprises. If you press your nose to one window (right beside the desks of the Hilton call centre) you can see the abandoned escalators that don’t go anywhere any more…or maybe they do when no-one is around!


Work over for the week. Well if you ignore the fact I’ve got a second job ushering at the Concert Hall & its sister venues and I’ve got a shift this weekend. I’m so excited about getting a shift for PJ Harvey on Sunday [update: too I’ll too work& absolutely gutted]. Please let me be working inside the hall!

Got on the bus before the rain came down. Due the the roadworks for the M74 extension this is quite a long journey and not the most picturesque. I forgot to bring any sewing with me so I just took in the view through the windows that was scratched by someone’s who wanted their name preserved in glass.


Round the corner from my flat there’s a new shop getting ready to open & I’m very excited about it. The name Gold Thimble caught my eye as soon as it appeared and today they have a sign outside looking for a machinist. Ya dancer! I’m going to have a haberdashery & fabric shop on my doorstep! This won’t bode well for my bank balance if it has pretty fabrics but when it opens I’ll let you know more and see if they’ll let me photograph inside.


I was meant to be doing a fair tomorrow but it’s been cancelled – something wrong with the old building. Would normally be gutted about this as as much as they take a lot of preparation I love the actual day but as I’m feeling bleugh it’s a bit of a relief. Also has the bonus I can listen to the Scotland match on the radio (it doesn’t seem to be on council telly & I don’t have or want Sky).

The cancellation of the fair kind of threw me as I’d planned to finish a few pieces & had arranged to give someone a corsage they’d commissioned from me. Still it has meant I’ve been able to prepare some blog posts, finalise Shewin n Bletherin and plan some new pieces.


I also packaged my fish for the Fish Exchange. Will blog about this next week as I think you might like the quirkiness of the project.


Those of you who follow me on Twitter or regularly read this might have noticed I’m also on Blipfoto. This is a site where you take one photo a day & post it with or without any comment you want to make. I enjoy the challenge & love dipping into other people’s blips. Some are amazing photographers while others photograph their daily lives. Then there are folk like me, the random blippers. Today’s blip is completely random as I was taken with the shadows on my ceiling. You can’t get more random than that.


All that sorted I’m now flicking channels trying to find something that grabs my interest. Nothing. Think my cat has got it right & it’s time for bed.


Sorry my day hasn’t been more exciting, blame it on the bug & normal service will resume soon. Promise.

(*) no point going to the GP but the local pharmacist think I’ve got Stomach Flu. As I’ve been in bed all weekend & feel very sorry for myself it sounds plausible.


So…what did we get up to on the 14th August?

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Thank you to everyone who blogged about their day on Sunday 14th August. Who said the weekend are for relaxing as it looks like we were all busy bees? So it’s now Saturday morning, you’re having a leisurely breakfast in … Continue reading