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Knit For Unity

There’s a new knitting group in Glasgow which aims to bring together women from across the globe to make practical items whilst having a good old banter.   

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to attend the first two meetings and had such a fun time. As winter had set in – thanks Storm Abigail – we’re currently making scarves, cowls and hats with the recipients still to be decided. Ashley has created a beanie style hat she’s called the Hope Hat. It’s easy to knit so even if you can’t make the meetings I’ll pop a link into this post and if you make one for yourself why not make a second and send it to us? I’ll ask Ashley for an address to send it to.
  Knit For Unity meets every Monday between 12pm and 3pm at Maryhill Integration Network’s office within Maryhill Community Cenue on Avenuepark Street, Glasgow. Currently they have no funding for a crèche but as you can see from the photos the children attending enjoyed learning how to knit. 

The pattern for the Hope Hat can be found here on Ravelry  or on Ashley’s blog Make It Glasgow.


Come and help with the #craftbomb preparations

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Ooh it’s all getting very exciting. We’re only a month away for the full Craftbomb  at the Botanic Gardens, Glasgow and everyone is a stitching frenzy. This Sunday – yes TOMORROW – is your chance to come and help us … Continue reading


Knit 2B Square

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Who wants an excuse to knit? For British Wool Week? For charity? I know, you don’t need an excuse but I thought I’d give you a couple anyway. Ashley from Make It Glasgow and I would like to invite you … Continue reading

Stitchers: Do you want to take part in history?

I’ve just realised I’ve never told you (on my blog) that I’ve been asked to take part in the making of The Scottish Tapestry! How remiss of me especially as I would love some of you to help with this mammoth task.

The idea was conceived by the writer Alexander McCall Smith who felt Scotland should have a new tapestry celebrating its history. Along with historian and festival organiser Alistair Moffat he enlisted the help of Andrew Crummy to design over 120 panels and the stitchers of the Prestonpans Tapestry to make the idea reality.

The panels are being issued and I would like to team up with around 4 other stitchers based in or near Glasgow to create our section. At approximately a meter squared in size it’ll take from August 2012 to March 2013 to complete it. It will then be added to the other panels and revealed in August 2013 at the Scottish Parliament. However, as only one person can work on it at a time I thought we could take turns every fortnight, in rotation, to work on it. This means that it shouldn’t be burdensome for any of us.

All the equipment has been given to us including canvas and tapestry wool. I also have a slate frame which can be used by team members. When we meet fortnightly we will pass it on to the next stitcher, can discuss how it is going, possible stitches and also what we might like to add to part of it (I’m being deliberately mysterious here, heehee) all over a cup of tea or coffee.

You do not have to be an experienced hand stitcher or hold lots of certificates in embroidery. I am looking for enthusiasm and committment over the 9 months as your stitching will improve while you work on it.

If you are interested you can email or why not pop along to my open evening at Make It Glasgow on Tuesday 14th August 2012 anytime between 5pm and 7pm. I will have the piece and materials with me. I can also explain more about how we will work and what will happen to the full piece when it is finished.

Want a sneaky preview? Ok…

top right corner

a bit of artist’s idea

lovely wool

enough teasing?

If you’re going to the Edinburgh Festival on 18th August why not pop down to The Festival of Politics at the Scottish Parliament and get an idea of what we’re all doing for the tapestry at the A Stitch in Time event. It’s free but ticketed. They also have a talk during the day & I’m going to both, yippee!

two events in one week

At the end of June I posted about an Olympic Yarnmobbing event happening in Glasgow in July as part of The Final Mile . As you know we want to give visitors to the Olympic football games a colourful welcome to Glasgow and as it’s now July we’re getting ready for the final push.

If you’d like to meet up why not come along to one (or both) of the events that have been organised to make more bunting, etc. All you need to do is bring your knitting, crochet or sewing needles, yarn of choice and lots of enthusiasm.

  1. Make It Glasgow in the Merchant City is holding a craft in on Wednesday 11th July from 4pm
  2. Gold Thimble in Shawlands is holding a craft in on Saturday 14th July from 2pm.

We hope you can make one or both of these events which are sure to be fun.

Scattercraft is also keeping a lovely blog of all our exploits so why not keep an eye on it and see you can spot your piece(s).


Calling all #knitters … #crocheters … #stitchers

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You can’t have failed to have noticed that the Olympics are in London this summer. But did you know it’s also in Glasgow? We’ve got the football at Hampden starting on 25th July 2012. As well as some of the … Continue reading

S is for Spinning


This beautiful drop spindle was made by Donna of Handy Woodcrafts and it’s all mine!

As I’ve become more interested in knitting I’ve also become intrigued by how yarn is made and (being me) I wanted to try to make some. Luckily for me I knew Drew & Donna the couple behind Handy Woodcrafts and they were expanding their business to include pieces for other makers.

When I first got the fleece I had fun with my long suffering cat!


However with the help of a lesson in drop spinning from Ashley at Make It Glasgow I soon started to spin. The trick I believe is not to think about it too much but to try to keep an even spin going.

The drop spindle has been used for centuries by most cultures to and there are different styles of spindle…maybe something for me to explore at a later date.

In the future I’d like to try coloured fleece, mixing two different colours and of course being able to spin so finely I make lace weight wool. However, that’s running before I’ve got the knack of it. Right now I’m still getting the feel for it. Unlike experienced spinners I am still using smaller pieces of fleece but I’ll get there with more practice.

When I finished my first skein I then had to wind it round a niddy-noddy. I believe it helps when I wash the wool. [NB by washing I mean soaking it in lukewarm water. If you add detergent you’ll end up making felt!]


I’m onto my second skein but here’s the first one I made. I’ve just got to give it a wee soak and it’ll be ready to knit. Im still looking put for the perfect project for it. Hmmm, wonder what it’ll turn into?


You can contact Handy Woodcrafts direct via their Facebook page or pop into Make It Glasgow who have a limited supply of their drop spindles.


Exhibition: Farewell to the Miracle

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I know I’ve seemed quiet this year but I’ve been busy…honest I have. Currently I’m making for sheer enjoyment and just enjoying embroidering and knitting. I’ve also taken part in the Farewell to the Miracle exhibition at Make It Glasgow. … Continue reading

Fancy some Shewin n Bletherin this Saturday?


That’s right we’re back!

If you’ve got a hand sewing project you’ve been meaning to finish or are starting a new project why not make a resolution to crack on with it starting this Saturday.

We meet every Saturday from 11am to 1.30pm at Make It Glasgow in the Merchant City for a cuppa tea, chat and of course a lot of sewing. So, if you’ve got an unfinished quilt, want to practice your embroidery or are even making a toy why not pop along and say hello.

Here’s my original blog post about Shewin’n’Bletherin if you want to know more.

Hope to see you on Saturday.

B is for bookbinding

As you know I love to learn new skills and tonight I finally learned how to make my own hand bound book.

For ages I’ve been promising myself that I’ll learn how to create my own sketch and notebooks so when the opportunity came up at Make It Glasgow I jumped at the chance.

Bex was a great tutor who gave us lots of tips so we could take this new skill and make more at home. I’ve got lots of ideas now on how to make books to keep my designs in, writing and sketching and I’m thinking about different types of covers too.

If you’re looking for a relaxing class I can highly recommend it.





If you want to see some masters of book binding get yourself to the Glasgow International Artists Bookfair in Glasgow next year. There will be a chance to buy the most amazing handmade books and learn how to make them. Here’s a wee link to their website: