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Say It Ain’t Sew

As part of 2016: the year of fun I went to another fab Yelp night. This time we popped into the MAKlab to get a sewing lesson from Iona.

Iona’s philosophy is simple, anyone can sew and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact you can pop into her Say It Ain’t Sew workshops on Tuesday evenings and it’s completely FREE!   

Tonight, as part of the Yelp event, we had the choice of making a felt cupcake, doughnut or cake slice. Iona provided all the material, equipment and templates, all we needed a bit of imagination and the ability to thread a needle ūüôā

Iona was on hand to help with any stitching questions and give us quick tutorials which really helped as quite a few folk hadn’t stitched since school days.

Over the space of a few hours, through a lot of chatter, laughter and serious faces (the placing of sequins is serious business, haha) we all succeeded in creating our own felt cakes.

I’ve been to Iona’s regular Say It Ain’t Sew class(*) a few times and made everything from finger puppets to dinosaurs. She holds them in relaxed venues where you can grab a bite to eat or get some liquid refreshment ūüėČ I can really recommend trying it especially if you’ve a hectic life as sewing makes you slow down and relax. Making something just for the fun of it is also good fun.

Say It Ain’t Sew is on every Tuesday evening from 6.30pm in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Get in touch with them via Twitter handle @SewScotland.

 PS To keep it free she sells these lovely kits through ETSY for ¬£5. It would make a lovely present for children as well as adults. I fancy the tenement building…or maybe the dinosaur…hmmm.

Go on, give it a try.


A needle pulling thread

Thanks to DStitched I’ve just listened to a fabulous wee programme on BBC Radio4. Talking to a variety of people who use needles – from farmers (I kid you not) to tailors – this half hour programme is a delight.

One part I really liked was when the prisoner talked about how embroidery, as part of Fine Cell Work, has made him more calm.

For Uk listeners you can get I to the IPlayer and for outside the UK try this link to the internet site ->

PS you can meet DStitched on Thursday at The Glad Cafe, Glasgow this Thursday when she talks about the St Kilda’s Project. I’ll be there too ūüėČ

Stitched postcard swap


This is another “how did I not know about this?” moment.

When flicking through Facebook I came across an entry by Coats Crafts UK about the 7th stitched postcard swap and it caught my interest.

It’s an international swap and the main rules are to keep the size to postcard size, use the theme create and there must be some form of stitching on it. If you want to be entered into the giveaway then (before posting your postcard) photograph it and upload to their FB page.

All the information and links you need is here —> http://dowhatyouloveforlife.com/swap/. Registration ends on 25th February 2014.

Last year I took part in a postcard exhibition which was fun, especially trying to keep it to that size.



Calling all #knitters … #crocheters … #stitchers

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You can’t have failed to have noticed that the Olympics are in London this summer. But did you know it’s also in Glasgow? We’ve got the football at Hampden starting on 25th July 2012. As well as some of the … Continue reading


Are you ready for shewin n bletherin

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Ok the date is set and I’m FINALLY pleased to announce…drum roll…that the first ever Shewin n Bletherin meet up will happen at 10am on Saturday 17th September 2011 at Make It Glasgow in the Merchant City. Now apart for … Continue reading

The Fish Exchange


That crafty Tracey Gaughan has done it again and found another interesting project for me.

The Fish Project was started by Deirdre Nelson when she took up an artist residency in 2007 in Uist. Here’s her blog entry explaining how it all began.

I thought I’d try to sew a fish and used some excess silk I have along with a tweed backing. Once sewn together I think it looks more like a shark, ah well.


So that made me knit one which is definitely more fish shaped. I’ve also blinged it up with some sparkly thread to give it the appearance of the herring.


This pair are currently swimming north to Portree.

If you fancy taking part in the next Fish Exchange or just see what they’re up to there’s a link to their Facebook.

Poor Mogwai wants me to make more.



Shewin ‘n’ Bletherin: a new sewing group

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Shewing = Scots for sewing or needlework Blethering = Scots for chatting As you know I love all kinds of crafts but I’m happiest when I’ve got needle and thread in my hands. The only downside is it often means … Continue reading

Try something new

When I’m at fairs and markets I often hear people say “I wish I could make that” accompanied with a bit of a sigh. Well you can!

We makers aren’t practicing any dark arts but rather have often tried different disciplines and found the one(s) that we enjoy the most.

I know signing up for a 6 week evening or Saturday course can seem quite daunting not to mention expensive but now there are other options. With places like The Life Craft and Make It Glasgow in Glasgow and The Spider & The Fly in Edinburgh you can do one-off, 3 hour classes and come away with a finished item.

As you know I didactic Japanese bookbinding class then an anodised jewellery class a few months ago and loved it having never tried anything like that before. Well, more recently I tried a fabric necklace workshop. Sewing is definitely my thing so I was in 7th heaven. All these classes have limited numbers so you can get personal attention without feeling you’re
hogging the teacher. In fact all the teachers have been really relaxed, so friendly and very knowledgeable.

Yes, even makers can learn new things and I loved learning how to make roses as well as making the garnets necklace. In fact I’ve loved it so much I’ve made a few roses more at home.

So next year I will be trying out more classes (and reporting back) but why don’t you too? From making a tote bag to learning how to use a sewing machine and even slippers there is a class for you out there.

All three places I’ve mentioned have their classes on their websites but if you don’t live nearby then your local fabric store might know of local classes or when you’re at a fair ask some of the makers.

I’ll leave you with a soft focus pic of the necklace I made and hopefully you’ll say “I can make that!”

Inspired by Man Men

Earlier this month I gave you a sneaky peek into Make It Glasgow (http://www.makeitglasgow.co.uk) which opened this week. Now I’ve had a chance to use their facilities I thought you might like to¬†a wee¬†review and have a look at my makes.

Now it has to be said I haven’t made an outfit or used a pattern in yonx. Normally I just go with the feel of the fabric but I found some patterns I liked and with my material headed over. The one thing I’d forgotten was that I’m not superwoman and would require two visits to complete the look.

My immediate reaction was that it was bright and airy with the cutting table and sewing tables to the right and a lovely coffee area to the left. Ashley was on hand to give me a quick tour including a guide to the sewing machine and it was down to business.

Having the large cutting table at the door gave me lots of space to work in РI normally use a pasting table which my cat always wants to jump on it. Also having different sized tailor dummies is a nice touch although I could have spent hours just playing about with the sizing.

The three sewing tables again have enough space between them that I didn’t feel I was imposing on the person behind me. I wondered if there would be a cacophony of sound when all the machines were in use but being new¬†they purred softly unlike my machine at home which likes to let me know it’s working. This meant people in the cafe area could¬†hear themselves talk without shouting¬†.

I had a couple of¬†breaks and fell for¬†Auntie Carrie’s¬†coffee & choc chip cake though the cupcakes and biscotti also looked fab.

My owl finds a new home

I went¬†for a Man Men inspired look with a sparkly black top and pink/cream tweed skirt. I still want to play about with neck of the top (maybe a scoop) and add some finishing bits to the skirt (tartan hearts I think) but apart from that they’re ready to go.

sparkle baby sparklepretty in pink

In total it was around 6 hours of cutting, sewing, having a cuppa¬†and fiddling about but I’m pleased with the results. Will post the final look soon.

Next: I’m trying my hand at anodised aluminium jewellery making at The Life Craft http://www.thelifecraft.co.uk/classes/misc/anodised-alum-jewel-29092010.html¬†so watch out for my adventures there.