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S is for Spinning


This beautiful drop spindle was made by Donna of Handy Woodcrafts and it’s all mine!

As I’ve become more interested in knitting I’ve also become intrigued by how yarn is made and (being me) I wanted to try to make some. Luckily for me I knew Drew & Donna the couple behind Handy Woodcrafts and they were expanding their business to include pieces for other makers.

When I first got the fleece I had fun with my long suffering cat!


However with the help of a lesson in drop spinning from Ashley at Make It Glasgow I soon started to spin. The trick I believe is not to think about it too much but to try to keep an even spin going.

The drop spindle has been used for centuries by most cultures to and there are different styles of spindle…maybe something for me to explore at a later date.

In the future I’d like to try coloured fleece, mixing two different colours and of course being able to spin so finely I make lace weight wool. However, that’s running before I’ve got the knack of it. Right now I’m still getting the feel for it. Unlike experienced spinners I am still using smaller pieces of fleece but I’ll get there with more practice.

When I finished my first skein I then had to wind it round a niddy-noddy. I believe it helps when I wash the wool. [NB by washing I mean soaking it in lukewarm water. If you add detergent you’ll end up making felt!]


I’m onto my second skein but here’s the first one I made. I’ve just got to give it a wee soak and it’ll be ready to knit. Im still looking put for the perfect project for it. Hmmm, wonder what it’ll turn into?


You can contact Handy Woodcrafts direct via their Facebook page or pop into Make It Glasgow who have a limited supply of their drop spindles.