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Seeing embroidery everywhere

While I was away on holiday last year I kept seeing embroidery EVERYWHERE. I only had one fashion exhibition in mind for the trip so it really made me smile to see it sometimes randomly. As I cut through Somerset … Continue reading

The 100 Day Project is back!

I’ve been quietly getting on with my embroidery & knitting but neglecting to share it on my blog. I’m actually blushing at how long it’s been since I last posted. Hopefully that’ll change with the return of the 100 day project.

Last year I found out about it at the last minute, I wasn’t prepared but decided to go for it anyway. I decided to embroider circles for 100 days and while it was fun I didn’t complete it.   

As it was a last minute decision I hadn’t fully thought out the logistics such as how to fit it in with works and holidays. I did well but this year I’m gong to try to plan it better and complete it.

I’ve not decided what I’ll do but it’ll involve embroidery. Might just finish what I started on the back of my denim jacket or fill a sketchbook with embroidery.

I do recommend it as a way of focusing on something you love doing and it doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time. Take a photo a day, finish all your WIPs, knit a square every day to make a blanket or write a 100 word short story every day. Whatever it is you’ll definitely feel better for making time each day to do something you enjoy & with all the practice you’ll become better at doing it.

PS If you take part don’t forget to upload to Instagram or Twitter with #the100dayproject.


Postcard Art Exhibition and Launch of “Suspend” by Weirdfolk

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This weekend there’s a wee exhibition opening in Glasgow. When I say wee I mean that all the art is postcard size, as with each artist submitting up to three pieces it’s certainly not going to be small in any … Continue reading


Craftivism: #astitchintime for the #livingwage pt.2

Around this time last year Craftivist Collective along with Share Action started a positive campaign asking Marks and Spencer (M&S) to pay their staff the living wage. If you need a wee reminder here’s my blog post about it. A … Continue reading


Weeks 2 & 3: the 100 Day Project

I’d hoped to give you a weekly update of my  progress with the 100 day project but work got in the way last week.  I also popped over to St Andrews to see the exhibition of pieces from the Wemyss … Continue reading


Week 1: #the100dayproject

I thought I’d show you my progress on the 100 day project the I mentioned in my last post. So far I’m enjoying the challenge of creating different circles every day although, as I work irregular hours, it can be … Continue reading


The 100 day project

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Almost late to the party but thanks to the wonder of Twitter I’ve heard about this project just before it starts. The idea is to get your creative juices flowing but working on a project every day for 100 days. … Continue reading


Embroidery doodles

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Sometimes just doodling with embroidery, not really knowing where it’s going to go can be fun. Here are some of my most recent doodles.


Inspired by Hannah Frank

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Hannah Frank (1908-2008) was a Scottish artist who just hasn’t had the recognition she deserves. Luckily that is hopefully going to change as Rebecca Scott is organising an art exhibition with works inspired by Hannah Frank and her work. Hannah … Continue reading


embroidery on @BBCSSO brochure

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After my recent adventures backstage at various museums I’m back embroidering again. You might have seen this on my Instagram feed recently but I thought I’d give you a close up. Over the last couple of years BBC Scottish Symphony … Continue reading