2016: the year of fun

Don’t  know about you but when I look back at 2015 it seemed a tad meh and not enough yeehar. So this year I’m going to try to balance out the work with fun. January started well, I worked hard but also managed to fit in several concerts. If you haven’t heard Ron Pope or John Grant (*) search them down.

 I love the cinema but find it expensive so I bit the bullet and bought a Cineworld Unlimited card. (tip: save £20 for 10 months this year and buy it outright next year.) I’ve been to quite a few films already so definitely going to save with it in the long run. Also going to renew my GFT card as that gets you four free films, at least £1 off every film you see, points that work up to more free films AND money off the Film Festival.  

It’s not all going to cost me a fortune. Some friends & I have created a virtual book club and we’re going for the challenge above.  The beauty of it is we can read what we want then share it with everyone else so we all find new books we want to reading. Just hope the books I’ve got in reserve at my local library don’t all become available at the same time! 📚

I’ve already got a few ideas for February which, unsurprisingly, includes Glasgow Film Festival, but if you know fun things to do this month please share it with me & who knows, I might see you there.


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