Up #Periscope then save to #katch

As you know I like my social media & can be found lurking on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter bumbling along, sharing things that I hope are sometimes of interest to you.


Recently I heard of Periscope which is a relatively new app by Twitter. In a nutshell it allows you to give a live video feed of whatever you want the world to see. The beauty (and curse) of it is you can interact with the audience as they can type response to what they are seeing and hearing. If you like what you’re seeing you can give hearts – brown hearts are not called “poo” hearts but “chocolate” hearts 🙂 – and if you are watching on re[play you can only  It’s only on your feed for 24 hours and then it is gone, unless you save it to either your camera feed or Katch (yup another app).

I’ve been trying it out and find it fun both as a viewer and broadcaster. Like all social media there’s a lot of dross around but if you look carefully you can watch wildlife on the Masai Mara, wander round Paris or go surfing in Australia.

I tend to scope (as we call it) about Glasgow and have done bits on an art show, the Theatre Royal, Doors Open Day and even of a Wurlitzer so if there’s somewhere you like to see let me know and I’ll try to get there and show you it.

My only gripe isn’t with Periscope but Glasgow’s woeful wifi connections. Most of the time my live feeds seem ok but when I look at the playbacks they seem pixelated. Connections just drop, even in the city centre and 3G seems like crawling, grrrr, please have a look here at the ones I’ve saved. See what I mean? I should also mention that on Katch you don’t see the comments on the screen so it sounds like I’m randomly stopping my flow of conversation to ask what time it is in Singapore or trying to stop someone ask me what football team I support!!!

Anyway, come join me and if you do scope please add a comment here so I can come find you and see what you’re up to.



One response to “Up #Periscope then save to #katch

  1. Like the Panopticon video, nice memories of us doing craft fairs there.
    Hope you are well
    Lucy x

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