Inspired by Hannah Frank

Hannah Frank (1908-2008) was a Scottish artist who just hasn’t had the recognition she deserves. Luckily that is hopefully going to change as Rebecca Scott is organising an art exhibition with works inspired by Hannah Frank and her work.

Hannah Frank was born to Russian Jewish immigrants and lived on the Southside of Glasgow. She studied English and Latin at Glasgow University and in the evening went to Glasgow School of Art to study drawing and wood engineering. Later she went on to teacher training college and became a teacher before settling down as an artist working in various mediums including pen & ink and sculpture.

I’ve set myself a challenge to submit a piece to the exhibition and naturally it’ll be embroidered. As it is her pen & ink work that really inspires me I’ve been enjoying reacquainting myself with them, sketching ideas and working out the best stitches for them.

The finished piece will be on black linen with white embroidery however for practice I’ve decided to give my eyes a rest an work on white. This will give you an idea on my initial thinking…

1-DSC_0001 1-DSC_1123

I’m pleased with how much split stitch looks like pen & ink. It will grow, flow and change as I progress but I’m getting there.

  Will show you the finished result soon-ish and naturally tell you when / where the exhibition is.


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