embroidered buttons

Earlier this month one of my friends, Elizabeth Devine, who makes exquisite wedding and bridesmaid dresses, asked if I would make some buttons to go on the sash of a bridal dress. Naturally I couldn’t resist the challenge.

We settled on baby blue embroidery floss as it went well with the bridal silk and was subtle enough for just the bride to know she was wearing her and her husband-to-be’s initials.

I’d forgotten how small the buttons were and it was a challenge not to get the material too bumfled(*) but i think I managed it and both Elizabeth and the bride were happy. Sadly my photos don’t necessarily show them to their best.

Elizabeth also gave me lots of beautiful scrap material which I will have fun using. As a thank you I made some embroidered buttons for her using the same wedding silk. Luckily for her these ones are 38mm wide so I’d more space to work my magic on.

 It’s got me in the mood to make more buttons 🙂 🙂 🙂

(*)Bumfled = good Scots word for bunched up or wrinkled 🙂


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