the brick and concrete of Newcastle upon Tyne

Look away now if brick and concrete aren’t your thing…though I hope you do stay 🙂1-IMG_2863

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this but I’ve a thing for buildings. when I go on holiday no-one wants to see my snaps as they know they’ll be of buildings and architectural detail rather than selfies and hot dog legs. Luckily I was joined on this trip by a friend who is an architect and as geeky as me when it comes to taking pictures of buildings.

As I’ve recently mentioned I took a rare trip away from Glasgow recently to see a friend in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England. It’s been almost crumbs 30 years since I’d been there and my memory was of a so-so town. Like so many others, Glasgow included, it’s pulled itself up by its boots and boy was I impressed.

Now I know concrete has had a bad rep but Newcastle’s Civic Centre is just beautiful. The use of local brick and slate along with the “modern” concrete is a joy. Yes those are seahorses on the top of the tower and at night they light up red with a blue glow around them.

1-IMG_2867 1-IMG_2869 1-IMG_2871 1-IMG_2873

Then when you go into the quadrangle you’re greeted with a sculpture which reflects the buildings around it.

1-IMG_2875 1-IMG_2876

Newcastle University is also worth walking around as it is brick heaven with very contemporary sculpture.

1-IMG_2892 1-IMG_2879 1-IMG_2880 1-IMG_2893

I wish I’d taken a photo of the pub, The Trent Bar, that we popped into on Friday as it’s one of the many things I miss from my time living in England. I’m so pleased to see that street corner pubs like this still live on.

Yes, I know there are areas of high social deprivation in this city and it’s not all a joy to look at but right now I want to highlight the positive. So here are my final photos of some fab architecture, some of which has sadly been left to decay but boy is it decaying in style.

1-IMG_2894 1-IMG_2895 1-IMG_2899 1-IMG_2900 1-IMG_2866 1-IMG_2864

Think I might have to go back for another look soon.


One response to “the brick and concrete of Newcastle upon Tyne

  1. It’s a beautiful city! Glad you had a good time.

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