The Making Room Pt.1

Earlier this year I really lost my creative mojo. No matter where I looked I just couldn’t find it and it was really getting me down. Think it must have been on a world tour but it’s back & I’m feeling good.


Recently I heard that WASPs Glasgow were creating a month of arts events that ranged from talks to taster sessions. Well what’s a girl to do but sign up 🙂

On Saturday I went to the first of the two sessions I’d signed up for, block printing. The taster session was taken by the talented and lovely Megan Held who showed us the basics of printing.

We started with potato printing. Haven’t done that since school and it was a lot of fun. We all procrastinated that our repeat designs weren’t good but once we popped on the paint and started playing with the designs we could see the potential.


After that Megan showed us the basics of how to create a design for a repeat block and we made a Lino cutting. Several test runs on paper and fabric were duely tried and finally we took courage and made either towels or bags.


I opted for a bag which turned out a lot better than I thought it would, even the splodges of paint looked fine. I’ll add some embroidery to it in the near future and show you the result.

We all had a really fun afternoon & were chuffed with our results. I think a lot of the sessions are sold out but have a look just in case there are some spaces.


The Making Room: http://utter


2 responses to “The Making Room Pt.1

  1. Looks like loads of fun 🙂

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