Winter Wool Fun

Can my last post really have been at the beginning if summer? My, my I’ve been naughty. In my defence I’ve been working long hours and not a lot else.

To get my sparkle back I took a trip to London (more of that another time) and took my crochet needle with me. Well with the bus trip taking 9 long hours I needed something to keep me occupied.

While I try to find my mojo and the days get shorter for winter I’ve decided to make a throw or maybe it’ll be a shawl or possibly a mix of both. It’s just one large granny square but sometimes the simpler you keep it the better.

I love this variegated mix of pinks and purples with a hint of mohair and sparkle. Makes me feel warm. I’m also adding some sparkly cream to it just to lighten it up. So far I’ve crocheted enough that it hangs over my knees when lying flat but I’ve got a long way to go.



4 responses to “Winter Wool Fun

  1. Michelle Mattera

    It is coming along beautiful! I love the colours, I especially love the touch of cream.

  2. Gorgeous! It looks super-snuggly too!

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