I wish…

craft3I enjoy embroidery for embroidery’s sake but sometimes I’ve used it to express my political (with a small “p”) feelings. So I was really pleased to find out more about a movement called craftivism.

I’ve been reading about this slow, thoughtful mix of craft and activism for a while and was lucky enough to meet Sarah Corbett of Craftivist Collective when she recently held a footprint workshop in Glasgow. I blogged about the event here.


At that event I bought Sarah’s “Little Book of Craftivism” which is a perfect place to start for anyone interested in finding out more about craftivism and the different ways to get your message out quietly but effectively.

So, how have I used it? Well I’ve become increasingly angry at how women, men and children are being portrayed as objects and if you don’t conform to some unachievable physical stereotype you are pilloried. I’ve lost count of the personal remarks that have been aimed at me because I’m fat. It hurts, it crushes my already fragile ego and it makes me angry as I know they know nothing about me other than my physical appearance. I also know I’m not alone in this. Conversations with friends, overheard snippets on buses and the fact you’re nodding to this confirm it.

My plan devised I’m now scattering small embroidered notes around Glasgow with the phrase I wish you could see how beautiful you are on it. Hopefully one or two people will stop and think about it or even pass it on to someone they think would benefit from having it.


If you find one of them please let me know either here or on twitter / Instagram (I’m @JuJuDollie) as it’s always good to get feedback.

If you’re in the West Coast of Scotland you might like to follow and participate in our Facebook group and there’s one in Edinburgh too. We’ve started to meet twice a month in Glasgow so why not come along and find out what we’ve got planned.



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