Olympus om10

If you’ve seen my Flickr page (link just over on the right if you’ve not noticed) you’ll know that I like my photography, especially lomography. Lomography is the buzz word for the old-fashioned taking photos with film as opposed to digital photography.

Yes with digital you can take 100 shots of the same thing to get the right picture, it’s cheap and the camera can do everything for you but with film you have to slow down. You only have 24-36 chances per film and until it is developed who knows if you have caught anything on film or just your thumb on the lens. There’s also something lovely about holding a film camera which I’ve never felt with my digital camera.

Anyway I have some toy (plastic) cameras and love them but have recently wanted to try a proper camera. So I did some research on-line and the Olympus om10 kept cropping up. It was manufactured between 1979-1987 as a mid-price camera and seemed to be perfect as a student film camera. I kept my eye on Ebay and got myself a bargain along with several lenses. Not knowing if it even worked, although it looked in good condition, I took it to the launch of Vintage 2014 and here are some of the pics I took.


For a first roll I don’t think I’ve done too badly but I’ve a lot to learn and that’ll only come with practice.

If you’d like to see my other efforts at photography – warts’n’all – then head to my Lomography page.


One response to “Olympus om10

  1. Lovely post…and so so true. Sweet Pea (one half of Hello Thursday Club) loves to collect old cameras 🙂

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