Bracelet making with Glasgow Bead Box

I’m a bit of a magpie and love shiny shiny beads. So thought I’d give a jewellery workshop a go.

Glasgow Bead Box have started running workshops from the uber cute Cushion & Cake and I was lucky enough to get a space on their loops and links workshop.

I had so much fun and enjoyed Addison’s relaxed (patient) teaching style. We were itching to get stuck in to the beads and spent as much time deciding on which beads to use as we did making them.


Once i got the hang of using the different pliers – I think I enjoyed snipping the metal a bit too much – and making loops with them for the first time I managed to make two different styles of bracelets. One where the beads all link together and the other where they hang down and jangle every time I move my wrist.


Sorry folks but I’m keeping these and I’m very tempted by next weeks class. I also believe resin workshops are on the cards.

If you want more info please head to Glasgow Bead Box’s Facebook page or website.


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