Social Media Event: #Glory2014 @GlasgowTramway

GloryTonight I finally got to see Glory at Tramway, Glasgow and boy was it worth the wait.

Glory is part of the Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme which compliments the Commonwealth Games; the starting point for Janice Parker’s choreography. She decided not to hold any auditions which I think has helped with the diversity of performers. All have personal connections to the commonwealth but from age to ability, size to previous performance experience they were as diverse as, well, the athletes who will perform this summer.

1-DSC_0862One of the fab things about social media events is you get up close to the sets and I really love the simplicity of Richard Layzell’s designs. The movable pieces are integral to the story as Janice Parker and the performers answer the question what would a performers – rather than athletes – village be like? What rituals would they perform? How would they inhabit the space?

1-DSC_0878I’m a bit loathe to tell you too much about the actual performance. You are taken on a journey which isn’t as scary as it sounds but rather allows you to feel more part of the whole experience. If you’ve ever wanted to go backstage or get close to a stage set then this is for you.

Yes it is a community affair but don’t think church hall Christmas panto, this is a very slick affair. The performers have helped create the piece under Janice and her team’s careful guidance. They began meeting in January once a week and the result is a very self-assured, powerful and uplifting dance.

1-DSC_0882One thing to look out for is the colour of their clothes. I believe the initial idea was they would be gold, silver and bronze but after input by the performers it was changed to gold, red and grey. To them the performance symbolises sunset to sunrise and new beginnings. That’s something I can relate to.


Glory is on at Tramway until Monday 10th March 2014 & there’s a 2.30pm matinee on Saturday. Tickets are priced at £12/£8/£6.

Now go book your tickets! I’m going back on Saturday evening & am already smiling at the thought.


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