So many ideas and a wee poll

Decisions! Decisions!

I know I’m not the only maker who has itchy, making fingers right now. I’ve got quite a few ideas but not sure what to do first. Indecision is stopping me from moving forward in either direction.

One idea I have is to create a series of embroidery classes from stitches to practical application. People certainly tell me they’d like them BUT… Is there a demand for fun embroidery classes? If so where could I hold them? What would participants want from them. Please feel free to tell me if you would like classes and if so what type. Even if you don’t live near Glasgow it would still be fab to read your thoughts.

Then there’s making, selling and exhibiting. What to make? Where/how to sell? Which art galleries might like my work?

See what I mean about all these ideas? In the meantime I’m going to play with some new buttons as love these ones I made a while ago. Or maybe a brooch or two.


I’ve added a wee poll – yup my first poll – just for you! To help me decide on which way to start selling again it would be great to get an idea of how you like to buy handmade items. Don’t let this stop you from leaving a comment but please vote.


2 responses to “So many ideas and a wee poll

  1. I love to buy things in person – online shopping just isn’t the same. I love to see how things look in ‘real life’ and ideally natural light whether it’s at a shop, festival or craft fair.

  2. I like all of the above, but I always feel that if you’re going to spend time building traffic to a website, make it your own, not etsy/folksy, etc. You can express your style much more freely and you’re not having someone else’s branding all over everything you do. Of course, my gripes with etsy are well-documented elsewhere!

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