A Day in the Life: 24th June 2013

I haven’t taken part in Day in the Life for a while so when I noticed today was the next chosen day I thought it only polite to get back on the wagon. So, if you’re feeling a bit nosey here’s what I got up to today.

One of the (few) decent things about working irregular shifts/hours is that I rarely get that Monday feeling. Today I decided was not going to be a work day so no need to set the alarm. My day really started with a trip to The Glad Cafe for tea, toast and a natter with a good friend.

From there I caught a bus up to the West End to take down the work I’d done with some refugee for Refugee Week. Was sad to take it down although  lovely to hear some people came in to Hillhead Library just to see it.

As it was the perfect day for walking – sunny with a cool breeze – I decided to stroll back to the city centre. Did a bit of charity shop rummaging and picked up a fab looking embroidery book which has diagrams (not pictures!) of stitches. Like the look of the embroidery for darning chapter. It was first published in 1936 but this is the 1968 version. Quite dated however the stitches never date.

Had forgotten it was graduation time and stopped to watch the graduates get their official photos taken on the grounds of Glasgow University before heading through Kelvingrove Park. Got my Olloclip out for some close ups.

20130624-194709.jpg20130624-194730.jpg20130624-194745.jpgYes I know they’re blurry but I like to think of them as artistic.



The rest of the afternoon and most of my evening having been pondering different options. Partly it’s because I’m coming up to my redundancy anniversary but mainly it’s because I’ve got itchy, creative feet and have been doing a lot of thinking about how I’d like to channel my skills and experience. The ideas are starting to come together but as my head began to hurt there was only one thing to do…sew!

Today is being curated by Kim so please pop over to her blog for a round up of all our posts.

Day in the Life was started by Mooosh and if you’ll like to take part in the future keep an eye on her blog.


2 responses to “A Day in the Life: 24th June 2013

  1. We were in all the same places for this day. Spooky. I wonder if our paths crossed! I know I must have been in Oxfam before you because that book was still on the shelf when I was in there 🙂

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