See Us: Blipfoto exhibition


Some of you may know that I challenge myself to a daily diary which takes the form of one photo a day with/out words depending on how I feel. This has led to me being in a book which you can pick up at an exhibition in Glasgow – get me!

I do this through a site called Blipfoto which is based in Edinburgh but participants are from all over the world and the subjects people photograph are as diverse as the blippers.

Last year the Blipfoto team set us a challenge to either take a photo of something creative they did or saw. Over 4,000 photos and stories were shared, some of which have been used to create an exhibition and book.

After a stint in Edinburgh the exhibition has now moved to Streetlevel in Glasgow and I went to the launch today. Love the diversity of the photos and I think my favourite is some barrels of whisky…or maybe the puppet show…or… Well I’m just glad I didn’t have to select which ones came to the exhibition or made it into the book. Here’s a link to my entry —>

It’s on until 23rd June so if you’re in town please pop along and have a look. You never know, you might find yourself blipping, you’ll certainly leave with a smile on your face.

Oh and if you’re cheeky like me ask if you can see Alan Campbell’s exhibition which is still hanging in a closed part of the building.



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