Voluntary Arts Week 2013

craft-logoOh dear! My post a week seems to have faltered yet again 😦 I’ve been working hard (honest) and just never seem to have enough time in the day for everything but here comes a fun post.

Frayedattheedges has been secret and not so secret meetings about events happening later this spring that you can get involved with. I hope you’ve got your diary ready as I think you’ll like this one. Remember the Olympic Yarnbombing last year? Or the Great Tapestry of Scotland that is being stitched by hundreds of volunteers? Well Ashley from Make It Glasgow and I have met with Cass from Voluntary Arts Scotland to organise some crafty events for Voluntary Arts Week (11-19 May 2013).


We have kindly been given use of the Kibble Palace in the Botanic Gardens, Glasgow for some stitchy fun and hope you’ll be free to join in too. The first date for your diary is Sunday 14th April 2013 (TBC) when we will hold some knitting and stitching workshops to whet your appetite and get you thinking about the main family friendly event which will be on Saturday 11th May 2013.

With the wonderful plants and statutes within the Kibble Palace as a backdrop and inspiration we will make flowers, birds and maybe even some creepy crawlies to brighten up the place even more. Who knows if we get some good weather we might even spread outside to the picnic benches. Keep an eye on my blog and Voluntary Arts Scotland’s Facebook page for more details of what we hope you’ll join us for these free events.

If you are a yarnbomber you can contact the team using our email craftbombglasgow@gmail.com to bag a statue, tree or park bench.

Don’t be too upset if you don’t live in Glasgow as you can always download the Craftbomb pack and have fun in your town.


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