Embroidery on paper


Oops! Never got around to blogging last week. Very busy at work so managed to draft something but it’s not got further than that.

I’ve been frustrated by the lack of time I’ve had to create or actually do anything this last fortnight. My fingers have been itching to sew but I can only squeeze in an hour or so most days – if I’m lucky. When this happens I tend to head for paper and take a line of thread for a walk.

Have you ever tried stitching on paper? It’s good fun though can test your patience as once you’ve made a hole you can’t hide it.

Being me I like a challenge and really enjoy working with fine silk paper. It’s so delicate, rips easily, can be layered and the affects are lovely. I’ve done cutwork, machine embroidery, added it to material and even embroidered shisha mirrors on it.




I’ve also been playing with scraps of flock paper which is naturally thicker but comes with wonderful shapes and textures.


Can you see the insect I’ve tried to make with the above piece?

Will leave you now but the next time you want to try a bit of embroidery grab some paper at the same time.


2 responses to “Embroidery on paper

  1. Never considered embroidery on paper. These look great. Loving your insect

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