Craftivist Collective : #imapiece


With Christmas being a time of giving I thought I’d curl up on Boxing Day, listen to the radio and embroider my part for the Craftivist Collective’s I’mapiece jigsaw.

This project is in support of Save the Children’s Race Against Hunger campaign and asks us to think about how we can play our part in tackling this tragedy which happens all over the world, every minute of every day.

I decided to go with the phrase “we’re all Jock Tamson’s Bairns“. Who said it first is lost in history but it means we’re all the same. Simple but perfect for this project. I also went for some childlike writing in split stitch and added colourful French knot hearts with cheery pink edging.

There is still time to take part and you can contact Sarah and the Craftivist Collective team directly for a PDF of the jigsaw template or buy one which includes the cut fabric jigsaw in their Folksy shop. You can also get more information here including a jigsaw template.

If you don’t sew but perfer to cook why not download the ecookbook for a suggested donation of £2 or more if you can afford it.

If you make a piece and are on Instagram don’t forget to photograph it and tag it #imapiece.



Right, I’m off to send a #imapiece to my MP and ask them to do their bit too.


4 responses to “Craftivist Collective : #imapiece

  1. Love your #imapiece stitching. Will be doing mine tonight

  2. Really great idea! Love the way arts and crafts can be used to make statements about world issues like this … =D

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