A stitch in time


Ok my title is poor but I thought I’d look back on 2012 and give a nod to the coming year.

I knew 2012 was going to be tough for me in my personal life. I didn’t realise quite how tough it would be so I’m glad I took a step back from selling. I did do one fair at the beautiful Inver Cottage and it was great to meet everyone there as well as the lovely Lucy Jackson and Laura from Little Birds Market.

Not selling gave me more freedom to work on my embroidery and try other crafts. I loved learning more about book binding at the Glasgow International Artists Bookfair. I also tried my hand at the relaxing art of dry felting, hand spinning and painting pottery.

I really enjoyed being part of my first art exhibitions at Make It Glasgow and The Virginia Gallery, Glasgow. I’m hoping 2013 will see my work in a few more exhibitions. [hint: if you’re organising an exhibition & would love to see my embroidery in it please get in touch.]

A large part of the year was happily taken up with various projects. The main one, which is ongoing, is the Great Tapestry of Scotland. The team are making great progress on our panel and Artgal (as we think the king is called) is currently being embroidered in a winter hideout in Peebles! I loved taking part in Knit2Bsquare, Bird Yarns and of course the Olympic Yarnbombing event at Hampden.


So, what does 2013 possibly hold for me? Well I’ll be back selling at select events. I’ll be making some beautiful embroidered buttons, funky phone covers and…well you’ll just have to wait and see.

Would you like to learn embroidery? Well if you are you might like to know I’m looking at possibly giving a few classes this year. YES I hear you say! As it is definitely a work in progress I’ll say no more but feel free to email me with suggestions of what you’d like to learn. Stitches? About the equipment? How to make your own designs?

I’m working on a solo exhibition called fragments of women. As yet I’ve no plans of when I’ll exhibit but I’m enjoying the challenge of working on each piece.

And finally…this blog. I feel I neglected my blog this year, and in turn you. To make up for this I’m planning (yes my fingers are crossed) to blog weekly, occasionally biweekly but definitely weekly.

So until my first post of 2013 have a wonderful Hogmanay & stay golden.



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