A little bit of history

Back in August I put a call out for help to embroider a panel of the Great Tapestry of Scotland (you can see the post here). Shortly after that five of us got together and we’ve been stitching ever since.

The whole project is community based and there is scope for more people to get involved as the artist left some spaces for local stories to be added. As the panel my team is stitching depicts Dumbarton Rock I got in touch with The Dumbarton Reporter who have not only published a piece on it but are interested in a follow-up story. Woo hoo!

Will let you know more when I do but until then if you have any information about the history of Dumbarton Rock or surrounding area you think should be included in this pictorial piece of history please get in touch with me.

It will take us until March 2013 to complete our panel and you can keep up to date with our progress by popping into our Flickr group every so often.


3 responses to “A little bit of history

  1. Love the sparseness of the outline stitching on a linen background; congratulations on the publicity offer, too! =D

  2. Patricia Macindoe

    Live in Old Kilpatrick by Dumbarton (lived in the town for many years) and see the Rock every day. Is it too late to become involved?

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