A Day in the Life: 15 October 2012

Last week I started a new job (yea) which has meant I’ve taken my eye off a few things. This included checking when the next Day in the Life would be. Luckily I happened to be looking at Mooosh’s blog on the way home and realised it was today!

So… Here we go

7.20am: got up and got ready in my usual half asleep way. Must have been noisy as my neighbour phoned asking if I could help with her heating. Great timing but couldn’t leave a disabled pensioner without heating until lunchtime.

9am: phew! Make it in to work, sort myself out and get to it.

1.40pm: lunchtime. As it was sunny I went for a walk before being lured into buying some wool. Part of my new job will involve working outside this winter so this super soft wool will become a cowl.

5.30pm: on my way home. While I took time out after my redundancy I had forgotten the hell that is the rush time commute…some things never get any better 😦 Still it gave me time to confirm ill be at tomorrows Knit 2B Square at Make It Glasgow (please come along as we’ve got all the wool, needles & tea you’ll need to knit a square). I also sent an email to the lads at the Virginia Gallery confirming I’d love to take part in their December exhibition called White.

6.30pm: knitting. You really don’t want to see how orange this wool is! However, as I’m using it for Knit 2B Square it’ll become a jumper or blanket for a child it’ll be lovely and bright for them. Dinner also called to me.

9pm: embroidery time. This is a piece I’m loving making. I was given this beautiful Indian wedding sari material and really want to do it justice. It’ll become part of a collection I hope to show at some point in the future.

11pm: my search for a chunky cowl pattern leads me to this textured pattern. Having wool, needles & a pattern I just had to start by making a few rounds.

This date was chosen by Katy so please check her blog as she’ll have a list of all posts.

2 responses to “A Day in the Life: 15 October 2012

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  2. contemporaryembroidery

    you certainly had a busy day!!

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