Bird Yarns fly into Glasgow


NB: please note this event now starts at noon and although free book a place is recommended.

Remember ages ago I got all excited about a knitting project with an ecological edge to it called Bird Yarns? Well approximately 90 knitted terns including my Jack and Victor fly into Glasgow to roost in the Lighthouse during October.

They are in Glasgow as part of the Luminate Festival and you can go along any time between 5th and 28th October to find them all over The Lighthouse. However Deirdre Nelson the textile artist behind their design has a wonderful FREE (yes free) event on the 20th which is going to be fun.

Starting at 12noon Deirdre’s going to talk about the project and give you a chance to hear the listening post created for Tobermory before we all settle down with our own knitting or crochet projects while watching a movie with knitting in it. I don’t know what the movie will be but I’ll be bringing my needles and stash along for some fun.

I’m looking forward to seeing Jack & Victor again & seeing how they’ve coped with their travels round Scotland.

Thanks to Deirdre Nelson for allowing me to use the photographs.



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