Scottish Ballet Autumn Season 2012

When I just “happened” to look at Twitter a couple of weeks ago I noticed Scottish Ballet had put a shout out for social media geeks (my words not theirs) to come to their studios in Glasgow to find out more about their autumn season. Now this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass by and was so excited when they told me to pop along.

This was going to be their first social media event to promote the new season because they are trying to become greener including producing less literature on paper which I have to applaud.

Saturday morning and slightly bleary eyes we were greeted by Ann and Laura who had tea and croissants ready for us. I think they have one of the loveliest backstage I’ve ever seen. Light, airy, a clean kitchen (if you’ve been in green rooms before you know this is a rare treat) and funky sofas; we were all grinning from ear to ear and all we’d had was a warm welcome.

Ann talked us through the three pieces they will perform around Scotland during October 2012 while showing us the costumers the 36 dancers will wear. The outfits are wonderful; slinky, sexy and sparkly. The feel is contemporary allowing the audience to focus on the movement of the dancers and their interpretation of the pieces as directed by Christopher Hampson. We were then treated to a to costume/sewing department. Ok it was a treat for me. Scottish Ballet work with designers from all over the world who specialise in ballet/dance. Later on I got a chance to ask Claire Robertson, Principle Dancer and Owen Thorne, Coryphee if they get a chance to get changes made to their costumes. Seems the male dancers don’t have much of a say but the principle dancers have some sway and their costumes are altered to allow them to move more freely and jewelling repositioned so when being lifted they don’t hurt the hands too much.

It is a triple bill featuring Martin Lawrance’s Run For It which is inspired by Olympic athletes, William Forsythe’s Workwithinwork and Hans van Manen’s 5 Tangos. After the tour of the building we went into the dance studio and given free rein to film, video or make notes on a rehearsal of 5Tangos. I don’t think I’ve seen so much power and grace in a room before. They practiced 4 of the tangos which is an amazing fusion of ballet moves with the intensity of tango. I have to say that it looked perfect to me but Chris Hampson was there to let them know where each dancer went wrong.

What was also interesting to find out was that they rotate the dancers (sorry for the pun) so while say, 6 are rehearsing others can be seen doing the same steps in the background.

I’ll leave you now with a montage of some of my photos (apologies in advance as some of the backstage ones are a bit dark) and if you would like to see all the decent photos I took then please head over to my Flickr page:

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Tickets for this season are a flat rate of £18/15(*) with some £10 conc tickets available on the evening. For more information on dates and ticket prices please visit Scottish Ballet’s website: Go on…what are you waiting for?

(*) booking fees & some price differences dependant on venue


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