A day in the life: 10th September 2012

Oh my! Has it really been a month since I last wrote a post? Tsk tsk! To make up for that how d’u fancy another episode in a Day in the Life series? This entry is for Monday 10th September so let’s see how my day panned out.

Thanks to the joyful whistling and shouting of the binmen as they got about their work I was awake early. To get my brain working I got on with some knitting. I’ve decided to try to make a triangle shawl with a centre seam. Bought this cone from Cat of Wildcat Designs at the Glasgow Craft Mafia destash recently and it’s lovely to work with however as I’m using 2mm needles I had to have frequent stops to stretch my fingers.

The rest of the morning was spent checking emails, Facebook and getting lost on Twitter before organising my embroidery to see which pieces I wanted to work on. I’ve got the beginnings of a collection I have given the working title of Fragments of Women to. Inspired by real women, famous or otherwise the pieces are both fragile but strong.

I’m particularly enjoying working on this piece inspired by Frida Kahlo.

Around lunchtime the peace was shattered by a police helicopter flying really low over my home. With lots of sirens I had to pop out and investigate. Seems a man had jumped over the bridge and started walking along (in) the river. This resulted in a full-scale search and rescue including the police divers. Not sure if he was found but I hope he’s safe. [update: I’ve since heard that he was running away from the police which is why he decided to jump and there was a full-scale search!]

I didn’t think my day could get more exciting until I saw a tweet by Scottish Ballet. They were looking for social media geeks types to get a backstage tour, meet the dancers and watch a rehearsal. As they are based near my home (not that I needed an excuse) I sent them an email to say I’d be interested and I’m now on the list. Yippee! No need to guess what my next blog post will be 🙂

THEN I received an email from Iain at PIC Weddings. He’s a fabulous photographer who has been hunting for someone who to look after the social media side of his business. I’d already met with him and today he confirmed he’d like me to work with them. Now I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t refer you to his Facebook and Twitter pages. Please have a look at them, follow my journey with PIC Weddings and pass it on to any friends who are organising their civil ceremony / wedding.

More embroidery and sneaky looks at the internet ensued as I waited for the Murray match on the radio. Tell me, am I the only one who still loves listening to the radio (more than tv) while making or pottering in my home?

Finishing the day listening to the Andy Murray match while damp stretching a piece I want to finish tomorrow with some smocking. It was all getting too tense with the tennis so it’s back to knitting, just as I started the day.

Ok I know it’s now the 11th but I kept the faith and am now grinning ear to ear due to Andy Murray winning his first grand slam…now wonder what our national football team will do tonight? Hmmm

Night night & sweet dreams.

A Day in the Life is the brainchild of Mooosh and the posts for 10.09.12 is coordinated by Marceline so please keep an eye on her blog for a comprehensive list.


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