A day in the life: 3rd July 2012

This day in the life comes at a new chapter in my life…unemployment! However I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s a very short chapter. I got these flowers from my colleagues when I left and my flat smells wonderful.


This means I’m still trying to structure my day while revelling in the fact I can MAKE all day. So, here’s my day…

Up early-ish, well 9am and remembered I’d forgotten to switch the heating off at my parent’s house yesterday (sorry folks). So as the rain had stopped I thought I’d walk there and back.






On my way home I did a wee bit of window-shopping in Shawlands and picked up some cheap yarn for the yarnbombing project I’m involved with for the Olympics.

I also couldn’t resist popping in to see Sumeera at Gold Thimble. I know they say you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure but with beautiful stock hidden in the nooks & crannies of her shop how could I resist. Threads bought and a crafty event organised I headed home for lunch.



After a cuppa tea and a quick bite to eat I set about making some parts for the bunting I’m making. How d’u fancy a bunting with balls in them instead of triangles? Or embroidered hankies? Well that’s some of the treats I’m working on.


Evening saw me turn on the computer and start to catch up on some emails, start a job application form, read some bizarre blog posts and write a blog piece for the Glasgow Craft Mafia which will be live soon.

I also ordered some Mountmellick thread for a large textile piece I’m preparing to make. I know I’m known for colour but I love whitework and having been learning some new embroidery stitches specific to Mountmellick.

My neighbour then called me in a wee panic. She’s housebound and her tv had switched off but she couldn’t get to it. So an emergency trip downstairs, tv fixed and a wee chat with her and all’s right with the world.

That put a stop to my flow on the computer so I started crocheting a Columbian flag until I realised I’d no blue wool…tragedy! My day ended with a search of flags with gold in them. Happily now it will become a German flag.


This blog post is part of A Day in the Life series which is co-ordinated by Mooosh. Have a look at her blog to see what everyone else got up to.

2 responses to “A day in the life: 3rd July 2012

  1. Hi julie, I’m back in Glasgow tomorrow, and can’t believe you lot won’t be in SRC when I get there. A friend visited me who is cycling through Scotland, she’ll be stopping in Tobermory so I asked her to look out for Terry. She might e-mail me a photo if she can work out how. You need to get the application forms completed, I’ve got one I need to work on, you’ve got to be init to winI I

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