Calling all #knitters … #crocheters … #stitchers


You can’t have failed to have noticed that the Olympics are in London this summer. But did you know it’s also in Glasgow?

We’ve got the football at Hampden starting on 25th July 2012. As well as some of the men’s matches we’re also hosting the women’s tournament.

The only thing is a group of us feel the area surrounding it could do with cheering up. With the blessing of Glasgow Life we’ve decided to do some yarnmobbing! Local school children have made a start creating footballers, birds and pom-poms to line the route but there are still loads more pieces of street furniture that need glamming.

This is where you come in. I would love to hang out lots of bunting to welcome all the visitors. The thing is I don’t want triangular bunting I’d love balls, flags and hearts in bright colours. Think about the olympic colours and the flags of the competing countries.


Fancy helping out?

I need lots of knitted, crocheted and fabric balls, flags and hearts – believe me we have miles of fencing to cover. If you fancy it but don’t know where to start there are loads of free patterns on the internet and on Ravelry. Most don’t take a lot of yarn or fabric and are quick to make. You’re also not restricted to just making one piece.

Once made stuff them with something soft (old tights, scrap fabric) and pop them in the post to:
Julie Robertson (Frayedattheedges)
c/o Make It Glasgow
3rd floor
84 Miller Street
G1 1DT
If you live in or near Glasgow you can also drop them off to Ashley at Make It Glasgow. Just make sure we receive your piece(s) by Saturday 21st July 2012.

Feel free to add a tag with a welcoming message on it. However if you do this please laminate it as it has to survive Glasgow’s weather and believe me we can have four seasons on a day.

You can also take this poster and pass it to your friends: OLYMPIC YARNMOB NEEDS YOU

You can also keep up to date with our plans via our Facebook Page or why not join us with your own yarnbombing ideas.


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