Bird Yarns : Sea Change

Look what was posted through my letterbox this week…

Doesn’t look much but it’s going to be transformed into an Arctic Tern! That’s right a knitted bird.

I’ve been getting into knitting this year, probably due to the winter like weather we’ve been experiencing. Currently I’m making my first ever cardigan but have been on the lookout for smaller, fun projects.

Yet again Tracey Gaughan alerted me to a wonderful project called Bird Yarns. Organised by Cape Farewell and curated by textile artist Deirdre Nelson participants have been tasked with the lovely job of creating knitted Arctic Terns. They will then gather on Tobermory pier before flying on to the Dovecote Studios in Edinburgh.

Once knitted (and duly stuffed) I’m looking forward to creating its fabulously red beak and legs. [Any advice on how to create legs that will stand for several days on a Scottish pier will be gratefully received]

I’m sure Deirdre would love to hear from you if you would like a kit, including pattern, but you have to be quick as completed birds need to be with her by 11th June. You can contact her via the Facebook page for Bird Yarns or if you don’t want to knit then “like” the page to follow our (and the birds) progress.

I’ll update you when I’ve finished my wee birdie and of course named it. In the meantime here’s a collage of this beautiful bird.



2 responses to “Bird Yarns : Sea Change

  1. I received my birdie ingredients too! I think I can manage some wire feet, but need to have a think about the beak! I’m off to Bass Rock / Isle of May this Saturday (for arctic tern research?), but hopefully see you soon.

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