P is for painting pottery

Today didn’t start off as a “try something new” day but that’s exactly what happened.

I just popped into The Life Craft to buy some embroidery floss and catch up with Vonnie (and of course cake) but somehow I ended up painting pottery.

Maybe it was the tantalising white pottery on the shelf shouting paint me or maybe it was the fact I was having a good laugh. Either way I somehow found a tea pot had mysteriously appeared in front of me along with some paints.

It was lovely thinking about my design and colours as well as having a look at what other people had made. I also found it extremely relaxing just painting.

I could imagine it would be fun to do with children and if you give it enough time (it needs to be fired so you can’t take it away with you) would make a lovely personal present.

Three hours later, well I was talking and laughing for half the time, I finished. Certainly not the neatest of pieces but it was a first attempt and I’m pretty chuffed with it. Now all I’ve got to do is wait for it to be fired. What d’u think?


The Life Craft is based in the West End of Glasgow and if you can’t get there have a look to see if there is anywhere closer to you that does classes.

If I remember I’ll post a picture of the fired piece.


2 responses to “P is for painting pottery

  1. That’s gorgeous! We should go paint some things together while we still can!

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