Glasgow International Artists Bookfair 2012


I’m shocked that it’s 2 years since the last Glasgow International Artists Bookfair event. That was when I discovered I needed books in my life. I’m not talking novels but hand bound works of art.

The fair is back at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and features stalls from bookbinding suppliers J Hewit & Sons to visual artist Helen Shaddock, zines via Pushpin Zines and so many more. Many items are for sale and start as low as a pound.

I’m amazed by how different each artists work is, how they approach working with paper and also how happy they are to talk about their work. You’ll just have to believe me that the stalls are amazing as I didn’t want to infringe their copyright by photographing them. Anyway, books are tactile objects that really have to be seen and touched.


Today I took part in a Japanese Stab Binding workshop which is a technique I’ve wanted to try for years. John who taught us had a lovely, relaxed manner which was just as well as none of us had ever tried this technique before. (He’s taking the box making class tomorrow and if you’re on it you’re in for a treat.)

I had a fab time and I’m really chuffed with the result. Here are some photos of my attempt (thanks also to Geraldine for allowing me to photograph her working hard):





If you’re in Glasgow city centre on Sunday pop in to the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and have a look. It’s FREE and on until 5pm.


2 responses to “Glasgow International Artists Bookfair 2012

  1. Really glad that you had such a great day Julie. Was wonderful to see so many people engaging in the workshop, talking to the artists and being so positive about the event. It makes all the hard work worthwhile. Looking forward to more of it tomorrow.

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