Exhibition: Farewell to the Miracle


I know I’ve seemed quiet this year but I’ve been busy…honest I have. Currently I’m making for sheer enjoyment and just enjoying embroidering and knitting.

I’ve also taken part in the Farewell to the Miracle exhibition at Make It Glasgow. Yes you read that right I’m taking part in my first exhibition – whoop!

You can’t have failed to notice that the Scottish Government has brought in new entertainment licence legislation. The latest part is due to come into force in April 2012 and it’s got the arts community up in arms. If you have a read of my previous blog post you’ll find out more about it.

Back to the exhibition… In response to this Ashley of MIG put a call out to artists and makers of all disciplines for an exhibition. The result is an inspiring exhibition with pieces of photography, machine embroidery, millinery, felting and fine art including pieces from Glasgow School of Art students.

I particularly love this QR Code made in ribbon by Tracey Gaughan who kindly allowed me to photograph it. Oh and the code works!

My submission is mixed media embroidery in paper and silk with some hooks & eyes. I used my love of maps to recreate the River Clyde with its contributories. There’s even some glow in the dark embroidery thread used in it. As usual I haven’t managed to do it justice with my photography so I suppose you’ll just have to pop in and see it in person.

Farewell to the Miracle exhibition runs until 31st March 2012 at Make It Glasgow.


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