Beating the January Blues

Ah January! That dark month where, as I type it’s a mix of rain and sleet that’s hitting my windows. I often lose my creative mojo in January so this year I’ve been trying some new things in the hope it’ll inspire me for new projects.


The first was making jewellery which I’ve never tried before. My sister and her family gave me a voucher for a Swarovski crystal jewellery workshop at Ninvai on Hope Street, Glasgow.

It was the last day of my Christmas holidays and I wanted to make it a fun day. By coincidence Nadine who takes the class (& is also a reiki master) was downstairs which meant I didn’t have to find her room.

On her table was a wonderful array of beads and while she talked me through the morning I picked out the beads I wanted. Several mugs of tea, a cupcake and a lot of concentration on my part I had a set of necklace, bracelet and earrings to take home and wear with pride.



As it’s also the time of year to get cosy I thought I’d give circular knitting a go. In the past it’s always baffled me but with an hours tuition form Ashley at Make It Glasgow I’ve started to crack it and I’m almost finished making a small cowl.

I’ve also been getting on with my drop spinning. I’ve now made my first skein of wool which I just need to set then it’s ready to knit.



2 responses to “Beating the January Blues

  1. You have been SO busy! It’s all looking fab, you talented lady 😀 xx

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