A Day in the Life: 17/11/11

What a day! Things didn’t bode well when, on my way to work, I had to change bus several times as two buses broke down. Door to door I’m only 3 miles from my main job so I was not amused at having to get on three buses. It also disturbed my plans to do some crafting in public to gently wake me up. Bah humbug!

At least by the time I got into Glasgow and walked along Argyle Street the sun had come out highlighting the mish-mash of buildings.


Work was chaotic and so busy. This wasn’t helped by our new all singing and dancing printers breaking down and my plan to get out and walk by the river at lunchtime faded quickly.

I’m in the planning stage with a few crafty ideas so I’d hoped to weigh up options and start to firm up ideas that are floating around my head during lunch but sadly I didn’t have time for that. Instead I quickly ate a sandwich, had a short chat with some colleagues & checked my emails (gotta love smartphones).

I’m not sure how it happened but suddenly it was after 5pm and time to move on to my evening job. Hadn’t even noticed it had started to rain or become dark.


Still as I danced between the raindrops the Duke of Wellington put a smile on my face. I’d love to see a video of all the different people who have climbed up and placed that traffic cone on his head.


A few evenings a week I usher at various concert halls in Glasgow and if I ignore the uniform it’s a fab job. It is rarely stressful and has the bonus of getting paid to see the best in classical, folk and occasionally pop/indie music – I’m ignoring the fact I might have to work for Jedward in December!


Tonight I was selling programmes for the BBC Symphony Orchestra who were performing a live broadcast for BBC R3 (catch it on iplayer folks) so I couldn’t pop in and listen to any of it just in case the door squeaked as I snuck in. Shame as the programme included highlights from an opera and that’s one musical form I’ve not really been exposed to but feel the need to be educated about.

Instead, while everyone was in the hall being entertained I gave some of my colleagues their breaks and looked out on people eating and drinking in the pubs and restaurants on Candleriggs. Still, it gave me my Blipfoto entry for today which I’m quite chuffed about.

By the time I got home (almost 11pm) I was frozen as the drizzle had become icy and the wind had gotten up. So I headed straight to bed with a mug of tea and a new Galaxy bar that just materialised on my bed, oops. The chocolate had orange and shortbread in it and turned out to be quite yummy.


While demolishing the chocolate I did some restrained shopping on ETSY and then got my drop spindle out to do some spinning. I’ll blog about it another day but I’m a tad obsessed with my drop spindle. I’m determined to be able to spin lace-weight but right now my efforts range from lace-weight to rope. Or certainly that how it looks to me.


If the public transport gods favour me, as I’m only working my main job tomorrow, I’ll hopefully get a lot more sewing done. I also need to get sorted for Saturday as I’m attending Voluntary Arts Scotland’s national conference in Edinburgh. I’ve got a plan to put on an event during a festival in 2012 which is why I’m attending but being a tease that’s all I’m saying right now.

Right time for bed as I really need to try to sleep tonight.

My A Day in the Life entry is part of a series of entries by various crafty bloggers. If you’d like to see all the entries keep an eye on Mooosh’s blog as she’s compiling this series over the coming week.


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