Can I mention the “C” word yet?


I still feel it’s too early to mention Christmas but as I’ve already done my first Christmas Fair I suppose it’s ok.

This year has been pretty crazy for me and because of it I’ve not had time to put any of my pieces on line for sale. Sorry about that but hopefully you’ll be pleased to hear that in 2012 my shops will re-open.

In the meantime the only places you can buy frayedattheedges goodies is by asking me for a custom order or popping along to a fair I have a stall at.

If you fancy a day out the city why not pop up to Inver Cottage on the banks of Loch Fyne on Saturday 12th November? I can recommend their wonderful lunches & a walk along the banks of the loch is soul food. Alternatively I’ll be at Little Birds Market in Sloans, Glasgow on Sunday.

Currently I’ve got some lovely corsages, phone covers, hand-covered buttons and brooches amongst other things. As they are all under £10 they’re perfect for Secret Santa gifts, stocking fillers or to accessorise your outfit for your Christmas night out.




And yes the monkey brooch might even return.


Don’t forget to check out my craft fairs & markets page to find out where I’m going to be.


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