The Curiosity Project

A wee while ago I heard about an interesting project called The Curiosity Project. As everything is so gloomy at the moment the thought of putting a smile on a random person’s face by sending them a present and yes, receiving a smile in return was irresistible.

Carefully coordinated by Tiffany the idea is to send gift(s) of no greater value than £20 in a box to an unknown person. You then send a picture of your box & its contents to Tiffany and she lets the world know what you received.

I decided to make some items, buy handmade and put in some goodies they can have fun with. The box was bought at a boot sale held by 6th year pupils at a local secondary school.

So here’s what I sent:
Button bobby pin and felt flower brooch by Lucy Jackson Designs
Owl earrings (already wrapped) by Skull & Cross-Stitch
4x postcard illustrations in aid of Shelter by Stina Jones
Knitted flower wrist cuff, lavender filled heart and mini hand bound notebook by me
2x raspberry coloured Harris Tweed fabric
A selection of buttons from my stash.


What I got in return was amazing:
Check out the box which was lovingly decoupaged then tied with teal ribbon
Kodak 1950s Brownie 127 camera in original bag (& instructions)
Beautiful antique lace
Handmade felt heart which has the label friendships are made one stitch at a time on the back
A cool pack of postcards depicting buildings in London
A pack of red, white & blue heart-shaped buttons




How lucky am I?

As the boxes are posted by The Curiosity Project I don’t know the name of the person who sent me my parcel but if it was you THANK YOU.

I’m going to take part and in their Christmas project. If you’d like to be a Curiosity Santa too you’ve only got until 7th November to fill in a form. Forms are on their website.

I’m off now to track down some 127 film as the camera works.


One response to “The Curiosity Project

  1. Fabulous 🙂
    What fun, i have entered into the Christmas one.

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