A Day in the Life: 31/10/11

Almost missed this round of A Day in the Life. For those of you who don’t know about it it’s when a various bloggers blog about what they got up to on a specific date and one person collates all the entries. This time that person is Marceline.

So…on to Monday…

For me, Mondays are a bit of a day of rest. Not working my main job means I don’t need to have my alarm on – bliss.

This led to a morning of listening to the radio in my pjs while writing a to do list. It ended up rather a scary, long list and as I started to get on with it a text came through from my dad inviting me for lunch. Well, what was a girl to do?


After lunch we had a dawdle around the shops in Shawlands & I bought a mini set of hair straighteners. Also bought my first Christmas present, get me being organised!

There was no way I could go home before popping into Gold Thimble, my local fabric store. Spent an happy hour in there chatting about fabric and trying not to buy all the trims.


Back home I got ready to post my box for The Curiosity Project. Basically a person co-ordinated boxes of goodies being sent around the world. We don’t know who we’ve received the gifts from or who were sending gifts too until the big reveal. I’ll blog about it once I know everyone has their gifts but here’s a sneak preview of the gifts I posted to my recipient today.


The evening was very chilled, no guisers knocked on my door which is good as I’m a bit of a bah humbug about Halloween. I spent the night on the sofa sewing up some arm warmers and uploading my daily Blipfoto entry. As I’ve got a stall at Shawlands Primary School Fair on Thursday the next few nights will see me busily finishing items for it.


Hope you had a fab Halloween, bobbing for apples and scaring children. Don’t forget to go on Marceline’s blog to read the other entries.



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