Silk Shading with the Royal School of Neddlework


It’s been a busy time at F.A.T.E. HQ. The 17th September saw the launch of Shewin n Bletherin and I was really flattered that the Royal School of Needlework chose the same day to hold their open day at Make It Glasgow.

Over 50 people came to find out more about both of us and there was definitely more bletherin than shewin going on. It was also lovely to meet Helen and Gil from RSN who are not only a good laugh but very knowledgable.

They displayed some of their needlework which was beautiful (naturally) and I could even be tempted to give goldwork a go as the different threads and stitches have caught my imagination.

When I’d heard The Royal School of Needlework were going to start running classes at MIG I’d got quite excited as although I love embroidering I’m self taught and as such my technique isn’t wonderful. It was lovely to meet Helen who is running their day classes, certificate/diploma courses at MIG before attending their silk shading class.

That class was on 23rd September (the perfect way to start the September Weekend) and I’ve leaned so much from it.

There were 10 of us who had travelled from Campbeltown to Uddingston and we all worked on a piece selected by RSN (materials supplied). During the day Helen split us into two to make it easier for us to watch her demonstrations.

I enjoyed the relaxed nature of the class, definitely not stuffy and we were all able to work at our own pace while Helen came round and gave is her expect advice when needed. It was also interesting to hear about her apprenticeship and no matter how much she was pushed she didn’t divulge the secrets of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, veil & shoes. Believe me we tried to get the goss on it.


It was hard work concentrating between 10am & 4pm…honest…just try splitting single strands of thread while keeping your lines clean for almost 6 hours 🙂

My silk shading piece is definitely a work in progress which I’ll complete over the coming month at Shewin n Bletherin. Will post a picture when I finish it.


Now, wonder if I can get a couple of days off work to do the goldwork with silk shading class?


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