Are you ready for shewin n bletherin

Ok the date is set and I’m FINALLY pleased to announce…drum roll…that the first ever Shewin n Bletherin meet up will happen at 10am on Saturday 17th September 2011 at Make It Glasgow in the Merchant City.

Now apart for jumping for joy I know you are also thinking that I’ve made a big typo. Not so my friends for shewing is the old Scots word for sewing or needlework. Neat, eh?

As I mentioned in my previous blog post this is an informal group for anyone who hand stitches, whatever your discipline and yes lads are very welcome too.

It will be on every Saturday between 11am an 1.30pm but I know how busy you are so if you can only make it once or twice a month that’s cool too.

Just bring whatever piece you’re working on and join in the fun. As it’s in a sewing cafe there are sewing machines for hire if you want to finish your piece. Oh! We also won’t be without tea, coffee & soft drinks for you to buy and Auntie Carrie’s lovely cakes as all that shewing and blethering is hungry work!

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed that we’re starting early on the 17th. Well that day we’re spoiling embroiderers. Along with Shewin n Bletherin,  Helen McCook from the Royal School of Needlework will be there as the RSN are holding an open day at the same time. The RSN now run day classes at MIG (how fab is that?) and they would love to meet people who love gold work, crewel, and silk shading as much as them. If you’ve ever wondered what their classes are like, entry requirements for their further qualifications or are looking for some advice please pop along and say hi to Helen too.

Oh and what do you think of the flyer? Isn’t it cute? The fab Andy Quinn made it for me. A big thank you to him for his patience with my *ahem* artistic temperament.

Make It Glasgow is at 3 Osborne Street, Glasgow near Argyle Street. If you’ve not been before it’s very close to Argyle St train station, St Enoch’s Underground, buses stop on Argyle St & King St and there’s a huge car park on King St.

This is a new venture for frayedattheedges and I’m both nervous (will anyone turn up?) and very excited.

Looking forward to seeing you.


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