Embroidered Digital Commons Project

Random embroidery? Not quite. At the beginning of May Mr X Stitch tweeted asking for the help of some embroiderers.

Intrigued I got in touch to find out more. He was looking for people to embroider a section of a sentence. This sentence would become part of a lexicon as part of the Embroidered Digital Commons project. As their website beautifully puts it
The ‘Embroidered Digital Commons’ is an artwork facilitated by Ele Carpenter as part of the Open Source Embroidery project, utilising social and digital connectivity. This distributed embroidery aims to collectively stitch terms from the Lexicon as a practical way of close-reading and discussing the text and its current meaning. Each term is chosen in relation to the specific context of its production through group workshops, conferences and events. The terms of the lexicon are: Access, Bandwidth, Code, Data, Ensemble, Fractal, Gift, Heterogeneous, Iteration, Kernal, Liminal, Meme, Nodes, Orbit, Portability, Quotidian, Rescension, Site, Tools, Ubiquity, Vector, Web, Xenophilly, Yarn, and Zone.

This immediately felt like a secret mission where, until the 15 of us came together no-one knew the full code.

My mission was to embroider the words “being just mined and shipped” and I could use any material (pref recycled) as long as it was 25 x 25 or in widescreen 35 x 25 and there was a high contrast between it and the thread.

I chose some recycled yellow fabric with white dots & rather than just embroider the letters I’ve cut out printed letters and embroidered them. The paper becomes distressed as I work with it & I quite like the way it looks. What do you think?

When the full lexicon and/or project is complete I’ll post a link so you can see how it fits into the project.


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